Issue Date, PageNameResidenceSpouse's NameSpouse's ResidenceMarriage Date, PlaceOfficiant; Notes
01 Mar 1881,
p. 7
YEAGER, Edwin L.New London, PAMAMEY, RosieNew London, PA08 Feb 1881,
Evangelical parsonage
HERTZ, J. H. (Rev.) of Zion's Grove;
Bride's name is MUMEY in body of announcement
20 Sep 1899,
p. 608
YEAGLY, Daniel B.Perkasie, PAGEORGE, JenniePerkasie, PA31 Aug 1899,
Res of bride's pars
BECHTEL, Niobe L. (Rev.)
31 Jan 1878,
p. 7
YEAKEL, A. L.Milford, Lehigh Co., PASCHULTZ, C. Y. (Miss)Milford, Lehigh Co., PA17 Jan 1878,
Res of D. LENTZ, E. Greenville, PA
LENTZ, D. (Rev.)
27 May 1884,
p. 175
YEAKEL, E-[?]len E.Philadelphia, PAEDSALL, Benjamin F.Jersey City Heights, NJ22 May 1884,
St. John's Evangelical Ch., Philadelphia, PA
YEAKEL, Jesse (Rev.), father of the bride, asst by Bishop ESHER
12 Jun 1873,
p. 187
YEAKEL, Isaac W. (Rev.)East PA Conf.WOLFGANG, MirandaAshland, Schuylkill Co., PA20 May 1873,
Allentown, PA
BOWMAN, Thomas (Rev.)
10 Aug 1876,
p. 255
YEAKEL, Mary [B., S., or R.?]Hanover Tp., Montgomery Co., PAGEHMAN, Henry H.Krauss Dale, Lehigh Co., PA29 Jul 1876,
Greenville, Montgomery Co., PA
LENTZ, David (Rev.)
27 Feb 1873,
p. 67
YEAKEL, Samuel K.Polo, ILHARPER, Savilla M. A.--08 Feb 1873,
Res of bride's pars, Ringtown area, PA
BOWMAN, Thomas (Rev.);
Bride is dau of Rev. Thomas HARPER
06 Mar 1873,
p. 75
YEATER, M. C. E. (Miss)Venango Co., PATURNER, H. M.Venango Co., PA18 Feb 1873,
Dempseytown, PA
DOMER, J. D. (Rev.)
23 Mar 1880,
p. 7
YEATTER, Sarah J.Middle Creek, Snyder Co., PASHAMBAUGH, J. (Rev.)Prospect Circuit, Central PA Conf.11 Mar 1880,
Middleburg area, PA
SMITH, S. (Rev.)
29 Sep 1885,
p. 624
YERGAN, MaryPittsburgh, PAWARD, J. B. (Rev.)Pittsburgh Conf.21 Sep 1885,
Home of bride, Pittsburgh, PA
BOHLAND, A. (Rev.), Presiding Elder, Allegheny Dist., asst by DUNLAP, G. W. (Rev.), Fulton St., Pittsburgh, PA;
Bride is dau of J. H. YERGAN of Pittsburgh, PA
16 Jun 1870,
p. 190
YERNALL, BenvillSchuylkillYOKEN, Sarah JaneNorthumberland Co., PA26 May 1870,
SAVITZ, J. (Rev.)
08 Jan 1889,
p. 32
YINGLING, W. IrvinSylvis [sic], PAMcKEE, RosaPatchinville, Clearfield Co., PA26 Dec 1888,
Res of bride's pars
RISHEL, E. W. (Rev.)
14 Sep 1886,
p. 592
YINGST, Kate M.Allentown, PAHOPPES, William M.Mahonoy [sic] City, PA07 Sep 1886,
Res of bride's pars, Allentown, PA
YINGST, D. (Rev.);
Bride is dau of officiating minister
07 Jan 1869,
p. 6
YOCUM, Sarah EmmaLimerick Square, Montgomery Co., PAASHENFELTER, William J.Limerick Square, Montgomery Co., PA24 Dec 1868,
Evansburg, Montgomery Co., PA
LEHR, F. P. (Rev.)
23 Dec 1875,
p. 408
YODER, LizzySomerset Co., PALEWISTON, JohnSomerset Co., PA05 Dec 1875,
Res of bride's pars, Somerset Co., PA
05 Jun 1873,
p. 179
YODER, Nathan (Rev.)Pittsburg, PAFREYER, EvannaNorth Mahoning Tp., Indiana Co., PA[19?] May 1873,
Res of bride's pars
BERNHART, J. J. (Rev.);
Married "On the eve of the 20th of May, 1873"
23 Feb 1871,
p. 59
YODER, Simon T.Somerset Co., PARHOADES, Hattie E.Somerset Co., PA26 Jan 1871,
GRIMM, J. A. (Rev.)
16 Jun 1870,
p. 190
YOKEN, Sarah JaneNorthumberland Co., PAYERNALL, BenvillSchuylkill26 May 1870,
SAVITZ, J. (Rev.)
02 Aug 1881,
p. 7
YOST, Charles W.Wilmington, DECLOUSE, Clara L.Orwigsburg, PA2- [?] Jul 1881,
Res of bride's pars, Orwigsburg, Schuylkill Co.
HENSYL, J. A. (Rev.)
06 Apr 1871,
p. 107
YOST, Henry R.Womelsdorf, Berks Co., PASPANG, MaryWomelsdorf, Berks Co., PA25 Mar 1871,
Res of bride's pars
LEOPOLD, A. F. (Rev.)
13 Dec 1877,
p. 399
YOST, J. LewisTrappe, Montgomery Co., PARUSHONG, Sarah R.Trappe, Montgomery Co., PA22 Nov 1877,
Res of Warren YOST, Limerick Tp., Montgomery Co., PA
FEGER, J. A. (Rev.)
25 May 1876,
p. 167
YOUNG, Amanda E.East Prospect, York Co., PAWOODMANSEE, G. W.East Prospect, York Co., PA17 May 1876,
Res of bride's pars
CARRIN, G. W. (Rev.)
06 Nov 1873,
p. 360
YOUNG, Amanda E.Somerset Co., PASMITH, J. C.Lee Co., IL21 Oct 1873,
Res of bride's pars
01 Jan 1874,
p. 8
YOUNG, ChristinaNewberry, Lycoming Co., PAHARTLEY, Benjamin HenryNewberry, Lycoming Co., PA18 Dec 1873,
Res of bride's pars
DERRICK, R. J. (Rev.)
25 Oct 1881,
p. 7
YOUNG, JacobSpringtown, Bucks Co., PASNYDER, SavillaSpringtown, Bucks Co., PA11 Oct 1881,
Parsonage at Hellertown
LENTZ, D. (Rev.)
01 Feb 1881,
p. 7
YOUNG, JacobPhiladelphia, PALONGAKER, CarriePhiladelphia, PA23 Dec 1880,
Parsonage of Christ Evangelical Ch., Philadelphia
BREYFOGEL, S. C. (Rev.);
Date may be 28 Dec; unclear print
17 Jun 1884,
p. 199
YOUNG, Joseph L.Burnside Tp., Clearfield Co., PAWEAVER, Mollie A.Burnside Tp., Clearfield Co., PA01 Jun 1884,
Res of bride's pars
MILLER, C. H. (Rev.)
01 Jan 1874,
p. 8
YOUNG, Laura F.Butler, Luzerne Co., PADRUM, Edward J.Butler, Luzerne Co., PA16 Dec 1873,
YOUNG, J. M. (Rev.)
15 Mar 1887,
p. 176
YOUNG, Rebecca A.Center Co.SONES, Calvin L. (Rev.)Central PA Conf.08 Mar 1887,
Lewisburg, PA
HUNTER, Geo. (Rev.)
26 Jan 1871,
p. 30
YOUNG, Rebecca J.Clarion Co., PAHARMON, JosephLickenville, PA05 Jan 1871,
PLOTTS, P. W. (Rev.)
15 Nov 1877,
p. 367
YOUNG, Sarah A.Washington Tp., Northampton Co., PATEEL, George E.Plainfield27 Mar 1877,
Res of bride's pars
HESS, T. A. (Rev.)
13 Oct 1870,
p. 323
YOUNG, Sarah AnnSpinnersville, Bucks Co., PAGARIS, WilliamSpringtown, Bucks Co., PA01 Oct 1870,
Springtown, PA
STETZEL, Henry (Rev.)
08 Jun 1876,
p. 183
YOUNT, J. A. (Rev.)Redbank Tp., Armstrong Co., PAHUNGER, EmmaRedbank Tp., Armstrong Co., PA01 Jun 1876,
Evan. Parsonage, Worthville, Jefferson Co., PA
SHANNON, M. H. (Rev.)

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