Issue Date, PageNameResidenceSpouse's NameSpouse's ResidenceMarriage Date, PlaceOfficiant; Notes
19 Sep 1900,
p. 604
VAN HORN, WilliamBrandonville, PAJONES, SadieBrandonville, PA12 Sep 1900,
Evangelical parsonage, Ashland, PA
27 Feb 1873,
p. 67
VANZANDT, Annie E.Lewistown, Mifflin Co., PASPANGLER, S. D.Lewistown, Mifflin Co., PA18 Feb 1873,
Center Hall, Center Co., PA
14 Sep 1880,
p. 7
VARNER, SylvesterJohnstown, PACUSTER, Mary AnnEast Conamaugh, PA12 Aug 1880,
Evangelical parsonage, Johnstown, PA
STANFORD, W. M. (Rev.);
Bride is dau of Ephraim CUSTER, Justice of Peace, East Conamaugh, Cambria Co., PA
22 Feb 1877,
p. 63
VARNER, ZachariaJackson Tp., Cambria Co., PAMONDAY, MaryJackson Tp., Cambria Co., PA08 Feb 1877,
Res of bride's pars
05 Feb 1880,
p. 7
VARUNER, Martin L.formerly of Richland, Cambria Co., PASPATZ, Mary A.--22 Jan 1880,
Res of bride's pars, Bedford, Monroe Co., MI
ERDMAN, F. E. (Rev.);
Bride is dau of Rev. R. SPATZ of MI Conf.
18 Jun 1874,
p. 200
VEIL, John H.Scalplevel, Cambria Co.BUCHANAN, Mary J.--04 Jun 1874,
Res of David BUCHANAN, Somerset Co., PA
GRIMM, J. A. (Rev.)
18 Aug 1885,
p. 528
VOGT, Jacob J.Suspension Bridge, NYSCHWARTZ, HenrietteSuspension Bridge, NY15 Aug 1885,
Res of bride's sister in vicinity of North-East, PA
SPRENG, G. F. (Rev.)

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