Issue Date, PageNameResidenceSpouse's NameSpouse's ResidenceMarriage Date, PlaceOfficiant; Notes
01 Jan 1880,
p. 7
TAGGART, James M.--CAROTHERS, Flo. M.--18 Dec 1879,
Res of bride's pars, Milton, PA
DUBS, R. (Bishop);
Bride is dau of Rev. M. J. CAROTHERS, Presiding Elder York Dist., Central PA Conf., Evangelical Association
14 Jun 1877,
p. 191
TALOR, Charles, Jr.Oakland Tp., Venango Co., PACARTER, Malessa [sic]Oakland Tp., Venango Co., PA--,
Parsonage in Dempseytown
TEATS, A. W. (Rev.)
14 Jan 1875,
p. 16
TARBER, JohnTrapp, Mont. Co., PAQUAY, Sarah E.Limerick Square, Mont. Co., PA02 Jan 1875,
FEGER, J. A. (Rev.)
25 Dec 1873,
p. 416
TAYLOR, Aaron W.Fairville, Lancaster Co., PASHOWALTER, Mary F.Fairville, Lancaster Co., PA09 Dec 1873,
Fairville, PA
DeLONG, A. A. (Rev.)
05 Oct 1876,
p. 319
TAYLOR, James H.Union Co., PAGEBHART, EveCentre Co., PA26 Sep 1876,
DETWILER, W. E. (Rev.)
05 Oct 1871,
p. 315
TEA, Alice M.of this cityBOAS, David K.Carlisle, PA27 Sep 1871,
House of bride's father, Mr. Wellington TEA, printer of this Establishment
09 May 1872,
p. 147
TEDING, Jorden C.Reiners City, Schuylkill Co., PAMILLER, Sophia F.Ashland, Schuylkill Co., PA23 Apr 1872,
Res of Christian EISINGER, Ashland
YEAKEL, Isaac W. (Rev.)
12 Feb 1874,
p. 56
TEDROW, Norman W.Somerset Co., PASNYDER, Samantha H.Somerset Co., PA29 Jan 1874,
Res of bride's pars
15 Nov 1877,
p. 367
TEEL, George E.PlainfieldYOUNG, Sarah A.Washington Tp., Northampton Co., PA27 Mar 1877,
Res of bride's pars
HESS, T. A. (Rev.)
31 Jan 1888,
p. 80
TEEL, W. L.Easton, PADe RONE, AnnieEaston, PA19 Jan 1888,
Easton, PA
KRAUSE, J. C. (Rev.);
Bride is dau of Rev. J. B. De RONE
05 Feb 1896,
p. 96
TENIG, AliceFremontGILBERT, E. E. (Rev.)Port Treverton [sic]23 Jan 1896,
Ev. Parsonage, Port Treverton [sic]
FREED, J. P. (Rev.)
10 Jun 1896,
p. 384
TERRY, JohnEast Mauch Chunk, PAPETERS, Mamie A.East Mauch Chunk, PA28 May 1896,
Evangelical parsonage, Weissport, PA
03 Jun 1875,
p. 176
THEOBALD, Valeria Madora--SPOTZ, George E.Womelsdorf, Berks Co., PA27 May 1875,
RHOADS, S. G. (Rev);
Bride is eldest dau of Mr. A. H. & Mrs. E. G. THEOBALD, of Philadelphia
21 Sep 1886,
p. 608
THEUER, George H.Cleveland, OHWAGNER, Rosa--09 Sep 1886,
Res of bride's pars, Allegheny City, PA
DUBS, R. (Bishop)
14 Oct 1884,
p. 240
THOMAS, Geo W.YorkIRVINE, Ida I.--02 Oct 1884,
Trinity Ev. Ch, York
IRVINE, J. A. (Rev.);
Bride is dau of Rev. A. H. IRVINE, pastor of York mission
01 Feb 1877,
p. 39
THOMAS, George W.Mt. Carmel, Northumberland Co., PAHINKLE, Saloma (Mrs.)Mt. Carmel, Northumberland Co., PA--,
Mt. Carmel, PA
SHERK, N. B. (Rev.)
14 Jun 1877,
p. 191
THOMAS, J. H.York, PADEININGER, Emma E.Milheim, PA06 Jun 1877,
Evangelical Ch., Milheim
CAROTHERS, M. J. (Rev.);
Bride is dau of Rev. C. F. DEININGER of Milheim, PA
15 Apr 1875,
p. 120
THOMPSON, Alexander S.Tower City, Schuylkill Co., PASCHUGAR, KateWilliamstown, Dauphin Co., PA21 Mar 1875,
Res of Benjamin BOURDNER, Berrysburg
NEWHART, J. S. (Rev.)
22 Jun 1876,
p. 199
THOMPSON, ArmintaBurnside, Clearfield Co., PASTEWART, WilliamBurnside, Clearfield Co., PA11 Jun 1876,
Res of minister
26 Sep 1893,
p. 624
THOMPSON, Whitefield N. (Dr.)Brattleboro, VTSHIMER, Ida Minerva (Dr.)--14 Sep 1893,
Res of bride's pars, No. 1431 Franklin St., Philadelphia
ACKER, James D. (Rev.), of Germantown
21 Oct 1869,
p. 334
TILEY, John E.Tamaqua, Schuylkill Co., PAWALTERS, RosaTamaqua, Schuylkill Co., PA11 Sep 1869,
WIAND, W. K. (Rev.)
14 Jan 1875,
p. 16
TINGLEY, H. B.Deckar Run, Crawford Co., PAWOMER, S. A. (Mrs.)Deckar Run, Crawford Co., PA10 Dec 1874,
Res of bride's pars
GARNER, J. (Rev.)
15 May 1873,
p. 155
TRANSUE, Peter R.Monroe Co., PANEWHART, Martha J.Monroe Co., PA23 Apr 1873,
Res of bride's pars
MILLER, E. J. (Rev.)
01 Jun 1904,
p. 352
TRAUTMAN, Elizabeth--KETNER, William L. (Rev.)Young minister at Phoenixville, Pa., Reading District, East PA Conf.19 May 1904,
Phoenixville, PA "in their own home"
DREHER, Charles P., D. E.
19 Apr 1887,
p. 256
TREICHLER, VirginiaLehigh Co., PAHECKMAN, JamesNorthampton Co., PA08 Mar 1887,
MEDLAR, D. A. (Rev.)
08 Aug 1882,
p. 255
TRENT, BoasElk Lick, Somerset Co., PAGARLETTS, SavillaElk Lick, Somerset Co., PA27 Jul 1882,
Evangelical parsonage, Rockwood, Somerset Co., PA
VANMETER, R. P. (Rev.)
14 Oct 1896,
p. 672
TREXLER, Hattie M.Lehighton, PAKIBLER, George E.Bowmanstown, PA30 Sep 1896,
No. 323 Centre St., South Easton, PA
21 Dec 1876,
p. 407
TRIMMER, C. B.Petersburg, Adams Co., PAAKERS, Eliza A.Petersburg, Adams Co., PA--,
Parsonage in Bendersville
BOWER, H. S. (Rev.)
07 Jan 1890,
p. 16
TROLLINGER, OscarPottstown, PAKURTZ, MaryPottstown, PA24 Dec 1889,
Res of bride's pars, Pottstown, PA
DREHER, C. D. (Rev.)
13 Jul 1880,
p. 7
TROUP, S. A. (Miss)Snyder Co., PAMARTIN, JeremiahSnyder Co., PA10 Jun 1880,
BENTZ, J. W. (Rev.)
15 Jul 1884,
p. 32
TROUPE, Elizabeth EllenBirdboro, Berks Co, PAMcHUGO, Thomas EdwardBirdsboro, Berks Co., PA14 Jun 1884,
Ev. Ch., Hay Creek, Berks Co., PA
DREHER, C. D. (Rev.);
Pagination changed beginning 0 Jul 1884
12 Oct 1880,
p. 7
TROUTMAN, AgnesHerndon, PARINE, Jno. W.Dodge Co., NE07 Oct 1880,
Res of bride's pars, Herndon, PA
BENTZ, J. W. (Rev.)
05 Jan 1886,
p. 16
TROUTMAN, C. JennieHerndon, PADERRICK, W. W.Herndon, PA24 Dec 1885,
Home of bride
STIRK, A. M. (Rev.)
16 May 1882,
p. 159
TROUTMAN, Emma [B. or R.]Herndon, PARUMBERGER, J. A.Elizabethville, PA02 May 1882,
Res of bride's pars
BENTZ, J. W. (Rev.)
17 Jun 1875,
p. 192
TROUTMAN, Henry H.Trontwell [sic], Snyder Co., PASWAB, AnnieBerrysburg, Dauphin Co., PA05 Jun 1875,
LENTZ, D. (Rev.)
24 May 1877,
p. 167
TROUTMAN, Jacob B.Jordon [sic] Tp., Northumberland Co., PABECKLEY, Sarah A.Uniontown, Dauphin Co., PA08 May 1877,
Res of Rev. B. H. MILLER
[Officiant not named; likely was B. H. MILLER]
01 Nov 1881,
p. 7
TROXEL, James C.El Paso, ILWEISS, IsabellaAllentown, PA19 Oct 1881,
Res of bride
BOHNER, B. F. (Rev.)
19 Nov 1868,
p. 366
TROXELL, Margaret E.Mahoning Co., OHGILBERT, John A.Mahoning Co., OH06 Sep 1868,
Pittsburgh, PA
01 Mar 1881,
p. 7
TROY, Charles W.Zion's Grove, PALUDWIG, ElizabethZion's Grove, PA10 Feb 1881,
Evangelical parsonage
HERTZ, J. H. (Rev.) of Zion's Grove
14 Nov 1882,
p. 367
TRUBY, N. G.Novorossisk, Caucasus, RUSSIADREIBELBIS, StellaEmlenton, PA10 Oct 1882,
Res of bride's pars
McPHERRIN, J. (Rev.)
25 Jan 1887,
p. 64
TRUMBORE, Mary LizziePhiladelphiaSWARTZ, HarryPhiladelphia07 Dec 1886,
Res of officiating clergyman
KNOBEL, G. C. (Rev.) of Philadelphia;
Groom formerly of Coopersburg, PA; bride formerly of Quakertown, PA
26 Oct 1876,
p. 343
TRUMP, Daniel K.Allentown, Lehigh Co., PAHEIBERGER, Rosa S.North White Hall, Lehigh Co., PA23 Sep 1876,
LAROS, J. (Rev.)
29 May 1879,
p. 7
TRUMP, Lewis J.Sugar Valley, Clinton Co., PAFRANK, Louisa E.Sugar Valley, Clinton Co., PA20 May 1879,
Evangelical parsonage
KLINE, D. P. (Rev.)
20 Mar 1873,
p. 91
TRUTT, AliceUnion Co., PAHUMMEL, AzimaSnyder Co., PA04 Mar 1873,
Res of groom's pars nr Krotzersville, PA
BENTZ, J. W. (Rev.)
05 Oct 1871,
p. 315
TURNER, DanielDempseytown, PAANDERSON, Frances A.Chester, OH27 Sep 1871,
Res of Mr. R. MASON
BATES, J. H. (Rev.)
06 Mar 1873,
p. 75
TURNER, H. M.Venango Co., PAYEATER, M. C. E. (Miss)Venango Co., PA18 Feb 1873,
Dempseytown, PA
DOMER, J. D. (Rev.)
02 Jul 1874,
p. 216
TURNER, LaviniaDempseytown, Venango Co., PARAIFSNYDER, W. H. F.South Oil City18 Jun 1874,
Parsonage in Oil City, PA
WELLER, J. Q. A. (Rev.)
24 Sep 1889,
p. 624
TUTTLE, HattiePreston Co., WVMYERS, Richard S.Fayette Co., PA08 Sep 1889,
Res of officiating minister, Brandonville, WV
18 Nov 1869,
p. 366
TWITMYER, George WellsZionREESE, Joanna C.Fillmore, Center Co., PA04 Nov 1869,
Lock Haven
HUNTER, Geo. (Rev.)
30 Oct 1888,
p. 700
TYSON, Andora F.Graters Ford, Montgomery Co., PASTAUFFER, Elmer E.Boyertown, Berks Co., PA16 Oct 1888,
Reading, PA
HAMAN, C. S. (Rev.)

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