Issue Date, PageNameResidenceSpouse's NameSpouse's ResidenceMarriage Date, PlaceOfficiant; Notes
29 Jan 1874,
p. 40
CAMPBELL, Mary R.Lancaster City, Lancaster Co., PAFALCK, Joseph S.Creswell13 Jan 1874,
Res of bride's pars
ALBRIGHT, B. D. (Rev.);
Bride is eldest dau of Charles & Barbara; unclear if bride and/or pars res Lancaster City
10 Jul 1888,
p. 448
CAMPBELL, Sadie E. M.Linden Hall, Centre Co., PASTEIN, Thos. S. (Prof.)Fredericksburg, Lebanon Co., PA22 Jun 1888,
Bride's home
HAMILL, Robert (Rev., D.D.);
Groom is of Schuylkill Seminary, Fredericksburg, PA; bride is dau of Geo. W. CAMPBELL, Linden Hall, PA
12 Jan 1871,
p. 14
CANVEL, EmanuelDempseytown, Venango Co., PADEMPSEY, MinnieMercer Co., PA15 Dec 1870,
Res of Samuel SHAFER, West Salem Tp., Mercer Co., PA
BERNHART, J. J. (Rev.)
11 Jan 1877,
p. 15
CANVEL, J. E.Dempseytown, Venango Co., PAHARTMAN, Jane E.Dempseytown, Venango Co., PA31 Dec 1876,
Res of D. (C. or G.) MARK, Dempseytown
TEATS, A. W. (Rev.)
29 Jan 1880,
p. 7
CAPP, H. M.Lebanon, PADEAN, Emma--19th inst.,
Res of bride's pars, corner 19th & Washington Ave., St. Louis, MO
RHOADS, Mosheim ([Rev., D.D.)
16 Nov 1886,
p. 736
CARE, Sallie B.Chester Co., PAHUGHES, HudsonChester Co., PA26 Oct 1886,
Springfield, PA
McILVANE, Robert A. (Rev.)
05 Apr 1881,
p. 7
CAREY, Laura L.Franklin, Venango Co., PALANE, David T.Franklin, Venango Co., PA24 Mar 1881,
Res of E. A. WILSON, Franklin, PA
HURD, H. H. (Rev.)
13 Jun 1878,
p. 7
CARIS / CARLS [?], PhilipMadisonburgh, Centre Co., PASMITH, MaryBooneville, Sugar Valley, Clinton Co., PA02 Jun 1878,
Evangelical parsonage, Logansville, PA
KLINE, D. P. (Rev.);
Surname of groom in question
18 Apr 1893,
p. 256
CARL, Elizabeth K.Sellersville, Bucks Co., PAFREDERICKS, William E. (Rev.)Sellersville, Bucks Co., PA04 Apr 1893,
Parsonage of Evan. Assn., Berlinsville Circuit, East PA Conf.
Groom is pastor-in-charge; married in presence of 40 to 50 of their [church] members
23 Apr 1874,
p. 136
CARL, Lizzieboro of TremontHAND, James M.boro of Tremont11 Apr 1874,
Res of officiant, Tremont, Schuylkill Co., PA
NEWHART, J. S. (Rev.)
18 Jan 1877,
p. 23
CARL, MarySpringfield Tp., Bucks Co., PAMILLER, Alfred H.Bingen area, Northampton Co., PA--,
Hellertown, PA
YINGST, D. (Rev.)
13 Jun 1878,
p. 7
CARLS / CARIS [?], PhilipMadisonburgh, Centre Co., PASMITH, MaryBooneville, Sugar Valley, Clinton Co., PA02 Jun 1878,
Evangelical parsonage, Logansville, PA
KLINE, D. P. (Rev.);
Surname of groom in question
13 Nov 1873,
p. 368
CARMANY, J. J. (Rev.)Springville circuit, Pittsburg Conf.SLAGLE, SadieMahoning Tp., Armstrong Co., PA30 Oct 1873,
Res of bride's pars
BERNHART, J. J. (Rev.)
01 Jan 1880,
p. 7
CAROTHERS, Flo. M.--TAGGART, James M.--18 Dec 1879,
Res of bride's pars, Milton, PA
DUBS, R. (Bishop);
Bride is dau of Rev. M. J. CAROTHERS, Presiding Elder York Dist., Central PA Conf., Evangelical Association
25 Dec 1883,
p. 416
CAROTHERS, J. MoranMilton, PAFRICK, Josephine M.Milton, PA13 Dec 1883,
CAROTHERS, M. J. (Rev.), asst by BELL, Henry S. (Rev.)
14 Jun 1877,
p. 191
CARTER, Malessa [sic]Oakland Tp., Venango Co., PATALOR, Charles, Jr.Oakland Tp., Venango Co., PA--,
Parsonage in Dempseytown
TEATS, A. W. (Rev.)
16 Jan 1873,
p. 19
CASSEDY, Lizzie V.Sugar Notch, Luzerne Co., PAKNECHT, OsbornSugar Notch, Luzerne Co., PA14 Nov 1872,
Res of bride's pars
LEOPOLD, Wm. A. (Rev.);
Bride is youngest dau of Mr. and Mrs. Thos. CASSEDY
20 Mar 1888,
p. 192
CATON, S. J. (Rev.)Pittsburgh Conf.EMERICK, Virginia A.Bedford Co., PA01 Mar 1888,
Res of bride's pars
COBURN, J. B. (Rev.)
27 Apr 1876,
p. 135
CAUVEL, Amy A.Dempseytown, Venango Co., PAMASTERSON, JohnDempseytown, Venango Co., PA18 Apr 1876,
Res of F. HYLE, Dempseytown
TEATS, A. W. (Rev.)
30 Dec 1884,
p. 416
CAWTHERN, JohnSouth Fork, Cambria Co., PAWICKS, MarySouth Fork, Cambria Co., PA23 Dec 1884,
Bellwood, Blair Co., PA
FERGEUS, S. F. (Rev.)
17 Sep 1874,
p. 304
CAWVEL, AdeliaCherrytree, Venango Co.BALDWIN, AnselFagundus City, Warren Co.03 Sep 1874,
Parsonage in Dempseytown, PA
GARNER, J. (Rev.)
09 Dec 1875,
p. 392
CAWVEL, AnnDempseytown, Venango Co., PAHAZELET, BenjaminDempseytown, Venango Co., PA02 Dec 1875,
Res of bride's pars
GARNER, J. (Rev.)
01 Nov 1877,
p. 351
CHAMBERLAIN, Mary A.Lycoming Co., PAMcKENZIE, Samuel A.Lycoming Co., PA23 Oct 1877,
Res of bride's pars
KLINE, D. P. (Rev.)
12 Dec 1878,
p. 7
CHAMBERLIN, John M.Shamokin Tp., Northumberland Co., PASCHRADER, Ella A.Trevorton, PA03 Dec 1878,
Res of bride
KRECKER, Aug. (Rev.)
22 Jan 1874,
p. 32
CHENY, SusannahOaklandWINSLOW, D. S.Cherrytree08 Jan 1874,
Res of B. F. MARK, Oakland
PLOTTS, P. W. (Rev.);
PA is not stated; however, I [A. Budd] am reasonably certain the locations are in PA. Researcher needs to verify.
25 Sep 1873,
p. 312
CHRIST, EmmaEldred Tp., Schuylkill Co., PAHUBER, John E.Upper Paxton, Dauphin Co., PA07 Sep 1873,
Res of bride's pars
MILLER, B. H. (Rev.)
11 May 1886,
p. 304
CHRISTMAN, Carrie C.Allentown, PAMILLER, John P. (Rev.)Port Carbon, East PA Conf.29 Apr 1886,
Res of bride's pars
HOOVER, John (Rev.)
01 Mar 1881,
p. 7
CHRISTMAN, DanielLehigh Co., PABAKER, Sarah D.Berks Co., PA19 Feb 1881,
Res of Michael KELLY, Lyons, Berks Co., PA
09 Nov 1904,
p. 720
CHRISTMAN, Joseph G.Mont Clare, PABAKER, Mary AmeliaPhoenixville, PA19 Oct 1904,
Phoenixville Church
LEOPOLD, W. A., D.D. (Rev.) of Philadelphia, asstd by Rev. Wm. L. KETNER & Rev. E. E. HOFFMAN
21 Mar 1882,
p. 96
CHRISTY, Jas. L.Nickleville, Venango Co., PAMOHNEY, Laura J.New Maysville, Clarion Co., PA03 Feb 1882,
Res of bride's pars
GARNER, J. (Rev.)
21 Sep 1871,
p. 299
CLARK, Elizabeth A.Salisburg, Lancaster Co., PAROCKEY, Simeon S.Salisburg, Lancaster Co., PA--,
Res of bride's pars
31 Aug 1876,
p. 279
CLARK, WilliamButler Co., PAFEIL, EmmaButler Co., PA11 Aug 1876,
Res of bride's pars, Butler Co.
04 Jun 1874,
p. 184
CLEMMENS, Jennie D.Spring City, Chester Co.PETERMAN, Jeremiah W.Limerick Tp., Montgomery Co.23 May 1874,
Trappe, Montgomery Co., PA
FEGER, J. A. (Rev.)
22 Jul 1875,
p. 232
CLEMONS, ElizaBirdsboro, Berks Co., PAHIGH, DavisBirdsboro, Berks Co., PA02 Jul 1875,
Res of bride's pars, Birdsboro
HIGH, J. (Rev.)
01 Jun 1886,
p. 352
CLEWELL, AliceFreemansburg, PAWEAR, Guy T.Reddington, PA20 May 1886,
Res of bride's pars, Freemansburg, PA
SAYLOR, O. L. (Rev.)
26 Sep 1878,
p. 7
CLEWELL, Thomas B.Freemansburg, PALEHR, Sarah C.Freemansburg, PA05 Sep 1878,
Evangelical parsonage, Freemansburg
LEHR, Jas. O. (Rev.);
Bride is second dau of Rev. F. P. LEHR of Freemansburg, PA
04 May 1871,
p. 139
CLIME, W. M.--FRY, Carrie--09 Apr 1871,
Res of bride's pars, nr Fairville, Lancaster Co., PA
SPECHT, Jos. (Rev.)
18 Nov 1875,
p. 368
CLINE, ElizabethTremont, Schuylkill Co., PASPANCAKE, LeviTremont, Schuylkill Co., PA31 Oct 1875,
KANTNER, W. C. (Rev.)
11 Jul 1882,
p. 223
CLINGER, Hannah M.--HOE, John H.Butler17 Jun 1882,
Parsonage on Luzern [sic] Circuit
DOUTY, H. H. (Rev.);
Very difficult to read
02 Aug 1881,
p. 7
CLOUSE, Clara L.Orwigsburg, PAYOST, Charles W.Wilmington, DE2- [?] Jul 1881,
Res of bride's pars, Orwigsburg, Schuylkill Co.
HENSYL, J. A. (Rev.)
13 Oct 1885,
p. 656
CLYMER, RansomWhite Haven, PAFOX, Nellie M.White Haven, PA30 Sep 1885,
Home of bride
SCHULER, W. (Rev.)
08 Jul 1875,
p. 216
COICK, DanielLitiz [sic], Lancaster Co., PASTURGIS, MorgieLitiz [sic], Lancaster Co., PA22 Jun 1875,
Res of bride's pars, Litiz [sic], Lancaster Co., PA
BROWN, C. S. (Rev.)
04 Dec 1873,
p. 392
COLEMAN, JosephSomerset Co., PARHOADS, Mary S.Somerset Co., PA18 Nov 1873,
Res of bride's pars
15 Nov 1881,
p. 7
CONAWAY, PaytonConnellsville, PABUCKINGHAM, Addie P.Alberton, MD09 Oct 1881,
Res of bride
08 Aug 1878,
p. 7
CONDO, John P.Logan Mills, Sugar Valley, PAMILLER, Lucretia J.Logan Mills, Sugar Valley, PA28 Jul 1878,
Res of Joseph CONDO, Brush Valley
KLINE, D. P. (Rev.)
13 Feb 1873,
p. 51
CONFER, L. A. (Miss)Hains Tp., Centre Co., PAKERN, J. B. (Rev.)Hains Tp., Centre Co., PA23d ultimo,
Res of bride's pars
HARRIS, M. W. (Rev.)
28 Mar 1882,
p. 104
CONRAD, Alice--DICK, J. M. (Rev.)Liverpool, PA15 Feb 1882,
Res of bride's mother, Duncannon, Perry Co, PA
SWENGEL, U. F. (Rev.)
06 Jan 1876,
p. 7
CONRAD, GeorgePort Carbon, Schuylkill Co., PAHAHN, LouisaPort Carbon, Schuylkill Co., PA2- [?] Dec 1875,
Res of bride's pars
WORKMAN, J. R. (Rev)
25 Apr 1878,
p. 7
CONSTABEL, Henry S.Germantown, PhiladelphiaHARDING, Mary EllaWeissport, Carbon Co., PA13 Apr 1878,
Evangelical parsonage, Weissport
SEYFRIT, J. K. (Rev.)
12 Jul 1877,
p. 223
CONSTABEL, Mary A.Roxboro, Philadelphia, PAUNRUH, William K.Roxboro, Philadelphia, PA04 Jul 1877,
Germantown, Philadelphia, PA
SEYFRIT, J. K. (Rev.)
04 Dec 1879,
p. 7
COOK, LizzieWellersburg, Somerset Co., PASMOUSE, CharlesCumberland, Allegheny Co., PA13 Nov 1879,
Res of bride's pars
10 Oct 1878,
p. 7
COONEY, J. E.Logan Mills, Sugar Valley, PAMILLER, Manerva [sic] J.Logan Mills, Sugar Valley, PA22 Sep 1878,
Evangelical parsonage, Logansville, PA
KLINE, D. P. (Rev.)
22 May 1888,
p. 336
COPE, Emma J.Lehigh Tannery, PADETWILER, Alfred O.Bridgeport, PA10th inst.,
Parsonage, White Haven, PA
KRESGE, A. S. (Rev.)
19 Aug 1896,
p. 544
CORLEY, William C.Fossilville, PASTAUFFER, Laura MayFossilville, PA06 Aug 1896,
Res of bride's pars, Fossilville
NORTHEY, Francis
31 Jul 1895,
p. 496
COUNTRYMAN, BelindaLavansvilleSEIBERT, James W.Somerset Twp.23 Jul 1895,
SEIBERT, J. L. W. (Rev.);
Officiant is the father of the groom
09 Nov 1876,
p. 359
COURTER, J. E. (Rev.)Duboistown Circuit, Central PA Conf.HAWLEY, Clara L.Duboistown, PA04 Jul 1876,
BUCK, S. T. (Rev.)
28 Sep 1880,
p. 7
COX, ElijahReynoldsville, Jefferson Co., PASTANFORD, Mattie Jane--21 Sep 1880,
Res of bride's pars, Rockland Tp., Venango Co., PA
HURD, H. H. (Rev.) of Franklin;
Bride is sister of Rev. W. M. STANFORD of Pittsburgh Conf.
01 Apr 1869,
p. 102
CRALL, AddieLancaster City, PAKRAUSKOP, HenryLancaster City, PA16 Mar 1869,
KOEHL, J. (Rev.);
KKAUSKOP in heading of marriage; KRAUSKOP in body of marriage announcement
01 Apr 1869,
p. 102
CRALL, AddieLancaster City, PAKKAUSKOP, HenryLancaster City, PA16 Mar 1869,
KOEHL, J. (Rev.);
KKAUSKOP in heading of marriage; KRAUSKOP in body of marriage announcement
06 Nov 1883,
p. 359
CRAMER, Lizzie E.--MILLER, G. F.Williamsport, PA25 Oct 1883,
Res of bride's pars, Loyalsock Tp., Lycoming Co., PA
GOODLING, C. H. (Rev.)
21 Sep 1880,
p. 7
CRAUL, E. D.York Co., PAHERSHEY, MattieYork Co., PA24 Aug 1880,
Hall, York Co., PA
SCHLEH, G. H. (Rev.)
05 Dec 1872,
p. 337
CRAVER, FrankLUZERNE Co., PASTOUT, Mary (Mrs.)Luzerne Co., PA19 Nov 1872,
Parsonage of Evan. Ch., Wapnolopen [sic], PA
ORWIG, P. S. (Rev.)
28 Oct 1869,
p. 342
CRAWFFORD, DanielNJWOOLF, Emma--16 Oct 1869,
Res of bride's pars, Upper Mount Bethel Tp., Northampton Co., PA
27 Feb 1873,
p. 67
CRESSMAN, Alfred J.Springfield, Bucks Co., PAMANN, Lavenia C.Springfield, Bucks Co., PA25 Jan 1873,
Pastor's study, Bath, PA
LEOPOLD, Wm. A. (Rev.);
Groom is youngest son of Abraham CRESSMAN, Esq.
24 Apr 1891,
p. 256
CRESSMAN, Mary L.Norristown, PABULT, George T.--15 Apr 1891,
Res of bride, Norristown, PA
BOHNER, B. F. (Rev.);
Bride is dau of Mahlon & Caroline CRESSMAN
23 Sep 1875,
p. 304
CRIBBS, G. W.Richfield, PAORT, MarthaMifflintown, PA16 Sep 1875,
Res of officiating clergyman, Thompsontown
HETNER, J. A. (Rev.)
15 Jul 1875,
p. 224
CROMAN, W. M. (Rev.)Berwick, PA; memb Central PA Conf.CULP, Hannah M.Light Street, PA1st inst.,
REESER, A. L. (Rev.) & IRVINE, J. A. (Rev.)
08 May 1873,
p. 147
CROUTHAMEL, ClementineBucks Co., PANONNERMAKER, Jacob S.Bucks Co., PA26 Apr 1873,
Clergyman's res, Bridgetown, Bucks Co.
OPLINGER, J. M. (Rev.)
23 May 1900,
p. 336
CROUTHAMEL, Joseph F. (Dr.)--DEIBERT, Mathilda MaeWeissport, PA01 May 1900,
Home of the bride
13 Nov 1895,
p. 736
CROUTHAMEL, Laura F.Bridgetown, PAROSENBERGER, Isaac B.Bridgetown, PA19 Oct 1895,
Res of bride's pars, Bridgetown, PA
26 Jul 1887,
p. 480
CROWELL, John F. (Prof.)NC [see "Notes" column]GETZ, Laura K.--28 Jun 1887,
GETZ mansion, South 4th St., Reading, PA
LEOPOLD, W. A. (Rev.);
Groom is "late principal of Schuylkill Seminary, now president of Trinity College, North Carolina"; bride is youngest dau of the late Hiram S. & Sarah B. GETZ
22 Mar 1881,
p. 7
CRUMBLING, Edward (Rev.)East Prospect, York Co., PAKISE, ArvillaEast Prospect, York Co., PA15 Mar 1881,
Res of bride's pars
KOHR, E. (Rev.)
31 May 1887,
p. 352
CRUMBLING, L. E. (Rev.)Hanover, PAKROUT, Sarah LizzieNew Paradise19 May 1887,
Res of bride's mother, New Paradise, York Co., PA
06 May 1875,
p. 144
CULB, EmmaHarrisburg, PAMcKAY, SylvesterHarrisburg, PA11 Apr 1875,
Evangelical parsonage, North St., Harrisburg, PA
LAROS, J. (Rev.)
15 Jul 1875,
p. 224
CULP, Hannah M.Light Street, PACROMAN, W. M. (Rev.)Berwick, PA; memb Central PA Conf.1st inst.,
REESER, A. L. (Rev.) & IRVINE, J. A. (Rev.)
08 Jan 1884,
p. 15
CUMMINGS, Mary JaneMifflintown, PACUPP, David H.Patterson, PA27 Sep 1883,
Evan. Parsonage
08 Jan 1884,
p. 15
CUPP, David H.Patterson, PACUMMINGS, Mary JaneMifflintown, PA27 Sep 1883,
Evan. Parsonage
15 Jun 1871,
p. 187
CURRANS, J. B.Centre Co., PAHENNIGH, SavinaCentre Co., PA01 Jun 1871,
Centre Hall
Md Thursday morning
25 Nov 1869,
p. 374
CUSTER, JacobNorristown, Montgomery Co., PAMcDONALD, AbbieNorristown, Montgomery Co., PA14 Nov 1869,
14 Sep 1880,
p. 7
CUSTER, Mary AnnEast Conamaugh, PAVARNER, SylvesterJohnstown, PA12 Aug 1880,
Evangelical parsonage, Johnstown, PA
STANFORD, W. M. (Rev.);
Bride is dau of Ephraim CUSTER, Justice of Peace, East Conamaugh, Cambria Co., PA
20 Mar 1879,
p. 7
CUSTER, Mehlen L. (Rev.)Atlantic Mission, Des Moines Conf., IAWILE, Ellen J.Worcester Tp., Montgomery Co., PA15 Mar 1879,
Norristown, PA
BOHNER, B. F. (Rev.);
Spelling of groom's given name is unclear
26 Nov 1889,
p. 768
CUTHBERT, FlorencePhiladelphia, PAKRAUSE, J. HarryPhiladelphia, PA07 Nov 1889,
Home of bride
KRAUSE, J. C. (Rev.), asst by McCONNELL, J. S. J. (Rev.)
22 Dec 1885,
p. 816
CUTHBERT, Mary Louisa--WILLIAMS, Daniel--08 Dec 2885 [sic],
Danville, PA

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