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Transcribed and Annotated by Helen Cook Austin, PhD.

Freedmen's Savings and Trust Company, also called Freedmen's Bank, existed from 1865-1874. Eventually there were 37 branch offices in 17 states with approximately 70,000 depositors (over the bank's lifetime) and deposits of more than $57,000,000. Freedmen's Bureau was a "sister" agency that provided other help and social organization for freed slaves. The Bureau records are on separate microfilms at the National Archives.

The purpose of the company was to create an institution where former slaves and their dependents could place and save their money. The original bank was first headquartered in New York and later was moved to Washington. D.C. Soon after, branch offices opened in other cities, mostly in the south.

In 1874, mismanagement and fraud caused the Freedmen's Bank to close. The final report on the bank was made by the Comptroller (Commissioner) in 1920. Some of the depositors received 60% of their money back. Many people got none of their money back. The Federal Government did not insure the deposits.

These account records are good sources for genealogists doing African American research, especially when combined with the U. S. Census of 1860, 1870, and with Southern Claims Commission approved claims for the plantation owners or the former slaves. Some account records are complete and have much family information, but many are sadly incomplete.

Transcriber's Notes:
The records following are from National Archives microfilms posted by and Transcriber comments are shown with parentheses (n). Research notations are shown in brackets [b]. They note additional information from sources that may further support or explain the transcribed data of the account registers. Other remarks on the bank registers made by the bank clerks are not bracketed as they are part of the record.

The bank records below have personal identification data about depositors in some branches of the Freedmen's Bank. In addition to the name and account numbers of individual depositors, the files can contain information such as the age, complexion (color), place of birth, place raised and current residence ("where you now live"), occupation, employer ("who you work for"), name of parents, spouse, marriage status, names of sisters and brothers. The name of the former owner (master or mistress), and plantation name appear in some of the earlier account records. A signature space provides information about whether the person could write their name or signed an X. Remarks include various information, such as co-signers on the account, or the name of a beneficiary. A few depositors were white or orphaned children.

Note that the Branch Office State where the bank account was opened was often not the same as the place of residence, or birth, or place where raised for an individual or family. Note also that all descriptive terminology having to do with color or race comes from the original records and is not a reflection of the opinion of the transcriber or this organization.

Name Birth Date & Place Spouse/Parent Branch Office - State
Austin, Abram James 1849 New Bern, NC Major & Lucinda Austin, parents North Carolina
Austin, Alfred 1848 Leon, FL Ann, sp. District of Columbia
Austin, Alexander 1848 Mobile, AL Mary, sp., Willis & Rebecca, p. Alabama
Austin, Alice 1846 Leon, FL Rufus Lee, sp. District of Columbia
Austin, Alice Gray 1850 Bardstown, KY Charles Austin, sp. Richard, fa. Kentucky
Austin, Amaritta Alabama Sib: Joseph, Albert, Mary Austin. Louisiana
Austin, Ambrose unknown Named in Jack Austin Account Alabama
Austin, Ann 1834 NC Johnson & Marinia, p. Alabama
Austin, Annette 1857 Dallas, AL Henry & Hannah Austin, p. Alabama
Austin, Anthony 1840 NC res. FL Maria, sp., Burton, bro. District of Columbia
Austin, Ben 1846 Barnwell, SC Diana, Telinda, sp., Ab & Edy, p. South Carolina
Austin, Beverly (male) 1847 Ascension, LA Abraham & Louisa, pa. Louisiana
Austin, Burton 1846 NC res. FL Sib:Miles, Anthony, Louey,Alfred District of Columbia
Austin, Clara Manchester, SC Col. Austin, sp. Alabama
Austin, Clara 1852 Mobile, AL Charles Austin, sp.,H.Anderson,m. Alabama
Austin, Easton V. Unknown Unknown Louisiana
Austin, Ed 1844 Warren,NC. Aleck, fa.,Olive,mo. District of Columbia
Austin, Elizabeth 1839 Charleston, SC Lewis Austin, sp. South Carolina
Austin, Fanny Prince William, VA Benjamin Washington, fa., sn Albert Alabama
Austin, George 1840 Randolph, AL Grange/Orange. Mary, sp. Alabama
Austin, H. (Henry) 1835 Tuscaloosa,AL Hannah, sp. Alabama
Austin, Hannah 1840 Livingston, AL Henry Austin, sp. Alabama
Austin, Hamilton 1846 Laurens, SC Rosina, mo., Aaron, Primus, bro. Georgia
Austin, Henry 1833 Jefferson, AR Ailsey, sp. Arkansas
Austin, Jack NC Rachel, sp., Randalls & Betsey, p District of Columbia
Austin, Jack 1848 Haywood, TN Solomon & Matilda, p. Tennessee
Austin, James 1832 Richmond, VA Phoebe, sp., Robt., John, bro. South Carolina
Austin, Jerry 1852 Pike, AL Bro: Amos, Isaiah, Elick, Melvin Alabama
Austin, John 1856 Clarke, AL Son of Leon Alabama
Austin, J. W. Res., Charleston, SC S. E. wife South Carolina
Austin, Joseph 1842 Savannah, GA Emma, sp., Joseph & Susan,p. Georgia
Austin, Joseph 1813 Chester, SC Ellen, sp., Josephine, dau. Louisiana
Austin, Landonia 1841 AL W. T. Austin, sp., John, Sophia, p Mississippi
Austin, Lettie Dix 1849 Leon, FL Aleck, sp., Bettie Calhoun, mo. District of Columbia
Austin, Lewis 1842 Charleston, SC Elizabeth, sp., Samuel & Chloe,p. South Carolina
Austin, Manerva Unknown Charles, sp., Julia, child Missouri
Austin, Manuel 1852 LA Owens Walford, Beneficiary Louisiana
Austin, Mary Ellen 1857 Savannah, GA Anthony & Sarah, parents Georgia
Austin, Mary Prince George, VA Cornelius Oliver, son d. 1866 LA Louisiana
Austin, Mary 1846 Clinton, LA Stephen Parker, sp., John, fa. Louisiana
Austin, Mary 1846 Charleston, SC Samuel & Chloe, p. South Carolina
Austin, Missouri 1849 LA, res. TN Cpl. Beal Austin, John Beecher, sp. Tennessee
Austin, Nat 1819 Brunswick, VA Diana, sp., Stephen, fa. Mississippi
Austin, Nathan 1846 Sparta, TN Maria, sp., Major & Becky, p. Tennessee
Austin, Osborne 1850 Wake, NC Creasy, sp. Arkansas
Austin, Phoebe 1836 Manchester, VA James, sp., Alfred, bro. South Carolina
Austin, Pleasant 1831 Canton, MS Henrietta, sp., Malinda, mo. South Carolina
Austin, Randall Unknown Unknown Alabama
Austin, Robert 1847 Charleston, SC Samuel & Chloe, parents South Carolina
Austin, Sarah Savannah, GA Toney, sp., Wm. & Nancy, p. Georgia
Austin, Simon 1832 Nashville, TN Caroline, sp., Simon, Irena, p. Mississippi
Austin, S. F. (male) Unknown Unknown Arkansas
Austin, Toney Georgetown, SC Diana, sp., Toney & Patsy, p. Georgia
Austin, William 1838 Mobile, AL Virginia, sp. Willis, fa. Alabama
Austin, William Res. Baltimore, MD Unmarried in 1870 Maryland
Austin, William 1836 Jefferson, MS Dave Warner, fa. Mississippi
Austin, William P. Lunenburg, VA Unmarried in 1871 Virginia
Austin, Wilson 1850 Gadsden, FL Angeline, sp., Pearce, William, bro. District of Columbia
Fears & Austin Co. Business in Mobile George Fears, signature Alabama


Alexander Austin, age 23, brown, was born and raised in Mobile, AL. He was the son of Willis and Rebecca Austin. He married Mary. He opened Account 5446 on 24 July 1871 in Mobile. AL. He was a sawyer, living on Conception Street (between St. Michael & St. Louis) in Mobile. Children: Minerva, age 3. Siblings: Thomas, Randall, William, Alfred, Mary, Nancy. [1870 AL Census for Mobile, Ward 8, 11 Aug. p 378R: Alexdr. Austin, 28, m, mulatto, laborer. AL; Mary Austin 20, house servant, AL; Minerva Austin 1, f, mulatto, AL.]

Ann Austin, age 36, yellow, was born in NC to Johnson and Marinia. She was raised in Barbour County, AL. She opened Account 414 on 17 February 1870 in Huntsville, AL. She lived at, and worked for the Dallas Jones Plantation in Jackson County, AL. Children: Daniel Austin, Thomas Austin, and John H. Austin, Siblings: Elijah in NC and Carolina (deceased). The account was in trust for Ann’s son, Daniel Austin, [1870 U S Census for Jackson County, Allison, Big Coon P0, near Huntsville, 6 Jun 1870, p73: D. J. Jones 30, b AL, farmer, $10,000. Real Estate, $10,000 Personal Estate; Ann Austin 36 f, mulatto, b. NC, house servant; Henry Austin 19 months old, b. AL.]

Annette Austin, age 12, brown, was born in Dallas County, AL to Henry and Hannah Austin. She was raised in AL. She opened Account 2231 on 5 Apr 1869 in Mobile, AL. She was a schoolgirl. Her deposit was made by her father. She lived on St. Meadors Street (between Davis & Monday) in Mobile. Also, see her parents’ accounts: Henry Austin 9095 and Hannah Austin 1546.

Clara Austin, Mulatto, was born and raised in Manchester, SC. Married to Col. Austin, a sawyer by trade. She opened Account 1287 on 21 October 1867 in Mobile, AL. She was a washer and ironer, lived at the corner of St. Anthony and Dearborn Streets in Mobile. Siblings: Basham, Mark, Also see Account 5927, dated 7 November 1871.

Clara Austin, age 21, white, was born in Mobile, AL. She was a daughter of Henrietta Anderson. Her father was deceased. She was raised in Mobile, AL and married to Charles Austin. She opened Acct. 8371 on 19 May 1873 in Mobile, where she lived on Franklin Street, at the corner of Selma Street. Sibling: Lee Anderson.

Dolly Austell, medium brown, was born and raised in VA, daughter of Herod and Nelly. A widow, she opened Account 1535 on 17 June 1873 in Huntsville, AL. She was a cook, washer, ironer, and lived in Huntsville, AL. Siblings: Lucy T. and Dacy. Lucy Woodson was her beneficiary.

Fanny Austin, born in Prince William County, VA to Benjamin Washington. She was raised in Mobile, AL. A widow washerwoman, she opened Account 2245 on 10 April 1869 in Mobile. She lived in Blakely, Baldwin County, AL. Children: Jesse Austin 13, Albert Austin 21, Rachael Austin 12, Siblings: Mary Kelley of Mobile, Caroline Porter of Wilcox County, AL, Amederis Washington, George Washington of VA in last accounts. Fanny’s first deposit was bounty from the U. S. Government. [See the 1870 Census, Wilcox County, Pine Hill P0, Bethel Beat, p 293R, 103: Albert Austin 22, farmer, $110. Personal Estate, AL: Betsy 20: Wm. 10/12 AL. Also see 1870 Census. Mobile, AL, Ward 5, p133, family 592: Fanny Austin f, black, 50, MD]

Fears & Austin, opened Account 1166 on 3 July 1867 in Mobile, AL. This was a business account for Fears & Austin Company. George Fears’ signature was on the account. He lived at the corner of Austin & Jackson Streets in Mobile, AL.

George* Austin, age 32, brown, was born and raised in Randolph Co., NC. He was married to Mary. He opened Account 7342 on 3 Aug 1872 in Mobile, AL. He worked at a nursery and lived in Mobile. Siblings: Jack, Harry, Hannah, Vinia, (Comment - *Grange as spelled on the register, is probably a misspelling. has the name spelled Orange on their index.) [See 1870 Census, Mobile. Beat 5. 17 Aug. p 385R: George Austin 29, m, black, laborer b. NC: Mary Austin 30 f, black, housewife. b. VA.]

Hannah Austin, age 28, brown, was born in Livingston, AL. Her father was Pleasant. Her mother was deceased. She was raised in AL and married Henry Austin (Account 9095 below), who opened her Account 1546 with a deposit on 7 March 1868 in Mobile, AL. She was a domestic and lived on St. Meadors Street (between Mark & Davidson) in Mobile. Child: Annette Austin age 11. Hannah’s siblings: Peggy, Kittie, Margaret Brooks, and Richard who lived in MS.

H.* Austin, age 39, brown, was born and raised in Tuscaloosa, AL. His parents were deceased. He was married to Hannah. He opened Account 9095 on 18 April 1874 in Mobile, AL. He lived on St. Meadors Street, between Davidson and Mark St., in Mobile. Ch: Annette. (Comment: *H. on the register, in my opinion, should be Henry, the father of Annette and spouse of Hannah. Addresses and accounts match for the three people. See Accounts 2231 Annette, 1546 Hannah.) [See 1870 Census for Mobile, Ward 7, p 310, Fam. 1534: Henry Austin 38 m, mulatto, b. AL, undertaker; Hanna 28 f, mulatto, b AL. Annette 13 f, mulatto, b. Al.]

Jerry Austin, age 20, black, was born and raised in Pike County. AL. He opened Account 4990 on 29 April 1872 in Mobile, AL. He worked for Grand Trunk Railroad and lived in Mobile. Siblings: Amos, Isaiah, Elick, Melvin H., Celia, Belinda, Sarah Austin.

John Austin, age 16, brown, was born in Clarke County, AL to Leon Austin and Fanny Cox. He was raised in AL, and opened Account 7302 on 27 July 1872 in Mobile, AL. He was a dining room servant and lived in Mobile. Siblings: Wiley Cox, Claria Cox, Harriet Cox, Amanda. [See the U. S. 1870 Census, Clarke County, Coffeeville, 31 Aug. p 37, Fam. 502: Robert Cox 43 m, black, b. AL, farm laborer; Fanny Cox 35 f , b. AL, Willie 10; Claria 8; Harriet 6; Amanda 5; Mattie 1; John Cox (Austin) 14 months].

Randall Austin, opened Acct 7180 on 19 June, 1872 in Mobile, AL. (No other information is on the account.) [See the 1870 U. S. Census, Monroe County, AL, Beat 12, Dennards Bluff P0, 28 Jun, p 438R: Randal Austin. 56 m, black, b. SC, laborer; Flora Austin 35 f, black, b. SC; with Anna Malone 70 f, black].

William Austin, age 36, of light complexion, was born in Mobile, AL to Willis and Rebecca. He was raised in AL. He was a cook married to Virginia. He opened Account 1171 on 3 January 1874 in AL. He lived on Spring Street in Mobile. Ch.: Willey, Lula, Lawrence, Charles, Amy. He also had Account 37874.

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Charles R. Allston, age 36, brown, was born in St. Charles. MO. He was raised in St. Charles and in Fayetteville, MO. He married Sylvia. He opened Account 391 on 22 July 1871 in Little Rock. AR. He was a farmer and worked for M. Weed. He lived on Ink Bayou, Eastman Springs, MO. Child, Nancy E. Allston. Sibling: Frank Woodard.

Henry Austin, age 40, was born in Jefferson County, AR to Louis and Tina Austin. He was raised in AR. and married Ailsey. He opened Account 1040 on 5 May 1873 in Little Rock, AR. He was a farm worker for Jim Cates, and lived in Eagle Twp., Pulaski County, AR. Children: Daniel, Fanny, Harrietta K., Mary (twin), Philo (twin), and Hattie.

Osborne Austin, age 21, brown, was born in Wake County, NC to Osborne and Hannah. He was raised in Tipton County, TN and married Creasy. A farmer working for himself, he opened Account 390 on 22 July 1871 in Little Rock, AR. He lived with the Anderson Miles family. Ch: Anderson. Lucinda. Siblings: Reman (first name). [See the 1870 Census for St. Mary, Wake County, NC. The Anderson Miles family appears on page 349.]

S.F. Austin: His complexion was white. He opened Account 978 on 26 March 1873 in Little Rock. AR. He drew by check.

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Note that some persons with accounts in the bank in Washington, DC, did not live there. Some people listed below, resided in Tallahassee, Leon County, Florida in 1870.

Alfred Austin, age 21, brown, He was married to Ann. He opened Account 807 on 16 December 1869 in Washington. DC. See Account 799 for Ann Austin. (He resided in Tallahassee, Leon Co., FL.)

Alice Austin, age 26. was born and raised in Leon County, FL. Married to Rufus Lee, she opened Account 884 on 13 January 1872 in Washington, DC. She was a washer and ironer, living at J. J. William’s place. Children: none. Siblings: Martha Ross, Selina Roberson, Zanie Monroe, Levinia Atkinson. (She resided in Tallahassee, Leon Co. FL.)

Anthony Austin, age 31, brown, was born and raised in NC. Married to Maria . He opened Account 792 on 25 November 1871 in Washington. DC. He was a farm laborer, and lived at Col. J. J. Williams’ place. Children: Lucy and Cynthia. (Note his brother Burton’s account, below.) [See 1870 U. S. Census. FL, Leon Co., Tallahassee FL. 15 Jul., p 525, Fam. 393: Anthony Austin 30 m, mulatto, farm laborer. NC, can’t read or write; Maria Austin 24, f., black, NC; Lucy A., 3, f, black, FL; Dicie 1, f, black, b. FL]

Burton Austin, age 24, brown, was born and raised in NC. He was unmarried. He opened Account 855 on 2 Jan 1870 in Washington, DC. He was a farm worker for Joe John Williams. He lived with Joe John Williams. Siblings: Miles, William, Anthony, Louey, Alfred, Mary Lou. (He resided in Tallahassee, Leon Co., FL, and in NC.)

Ed Austin, age 25, brown, was born and raised in Warren Co. NC to Aleck (deceased) and Olive. He married Effeann. He opened Account 799 on 16 Dec 1869 in Washington. DC. He was a farmer. Siblings: Miles, Aleck, Rufus, Lewy, Anthony, Hannah, Burton, Alfred, Mary, Cinta, Eltasebe, Linna. His sister Linna lived in NC. (Note that his brothers Anthony and Burton also had accounts.). (Ed resided in Tallahassee, Leon Co., FL.)

Henry Ashton, was married to Bertha. He opened Account 7827 on 7 Jul 1871 in Washington. DC. He was a carpenter. He lived at 19 & 18, 550th Streets in Washington, DC.

Jack Austin, was born in NC to Randalls Austin and Betsy. He went to Florida with his Master Augustus Allston in 1847. He married Rachel. He opened Account 150 on 29 Jun 1867 in Washington. DC. He lived in St. Marks. Wakulla Co., NC. Children: none. Wife’s child was Sarah. Siblings: Hannah lives at Station 2; Brother, Col. Green lived at Mr. Donelly’s place; Gus Austin; & Louis Hunter. An additional Account 1054 is payable to his wife, Rachel. [See 1870 U. S. Census, Leon Co., FL, Tallahassee: Jack, 48, m, black, teamster, b SC, could not read or write; Rachael 44, f, mulatto, washer woman; Sarah Manoke, f, black, washer woman, b., FL.]

James G. Ashton, was married to Martha H. James and was a bricklayer. He opened Account 8200 on 21 August 1871 in Washington. D.C. He lived on 7th Street S.B. between Capitol #113, Washington. D.C. Children: Alice and Lucy. Signed as James G. Ashton.

Lettie Austin, brown, was born in Tallahassee. FL. Her mother was Bettie. She was raised in FL and married Aleck Austin. She was a washer & ironer and opened Account 735 on 16 September 1871 in Washington. DC. Siblings: Sally Dix. Jenny Dix. [See 1870 U. S. Census, Leon Co, FL, Tallahassee, 13 Jul, p. 639, Dwelling 65, Fam 63: Betty Calhoun (Lettie’s mother) black, age 50, b FL; Jennie Dix 24, at home, b FL; Betty Dix, 8, FL; William Dix 1, FL; Sallie Dix, 14, FL; Alexander Austin, age 20, m, b., farm laborer, b. FL, married in May, cannot read or write; Letty Austin, 21, f, b, keeping house, b. FL, married in May, cannot read or write.]

Wilson Austin, age 21, black, was born in Gadsden County (FL), to an unknown Austin and Charlotte. Married to Angeline, Wilson opened Account 823 on 23 Dec 1871 in Washington. DC. He was a farm worker living at Col. Scott’s place. No children. Siblings: Pearce, William, Donald, James, Edie, Fannie, Alice. Brothers Pearce and William were on Wilson’s account. [See 1870 U. S. Census, Leon Co., FL, Tallahassee, 13 Jul, p. 638, Dwelling 46, Fam.45: Wilson Austin, 21, m, black, farm laborer, b. FL, married in Dec., could not read or write; Angeline Austin, 18, f, b, keeping house, b FL, married in Dec., could not read or write.]

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Albert Ashton, age 24, of light complexion, was born and raised in Effingham County, GA to Phillip and Martha of Savannah. He was unmarried. He opened Account 1703 on 16 April 1869 in Savannah, GA. He was a porter working for T. C. Dunbar & Co. Phillip lived on Augusta Road, twelve miles from Sixth St. Albert lived on Pine between Cowan & Farm Streets, in Savannah. Children: none. Siblings: none. Signature of Albert Ashton was on the Account.. Albert had other Accounts: 2959, opened on 4 Feb 1870, and Accounts 4915 and 7974. [See 1870 U. S. Census for Savannah, GA, p. 466: Phillip Ashton 42 m, black, GA; Rosette 43 f, b. GA; Albr. Scriven 19 b. GA]

Charles Alston, age 20, of dark complexion, was born in Barnwell County, SC to Moses Hallman and Amy (deceased), and was raised in Barnwell County, SC. He opened Account 6489 on 8 July 1871 in Augusta. GA. He was a laborer and lived 4 miles on Augusta Road, in Richmond County, GA. Siblings: Tom Moses in Philadelphia. Taylor and Weston Hallman in Charleston; Boston Lee in Barnwell; Margaret; Abentis; Taft; and Maud in New Orleans; March; Abraham; Isaac J.; and Moses. [See the 1870 U. S. Census for Richmond County, Augusta Ward 1, 13 July, p 52: Charles Alston 26 male, black, in the City Colored Hospital.]

Hamilton Austin, age 21, single, brown, was born in Buckeye, Laurens County. SC, to an unknown father and Rosina of Laurens County. He was raised in SC. He opened Account 593 on 13 July 1867, in Savannah, GA. He was a porter working for Rowes. He lived near AL & GA Railroad Depot. Siblings: Aaron, Primus, Ellen, Rose, Adehlin, all in Laurens Co., SC; Henry, and Redfield in Boston, MA. Lydia died 3 years ago (1864). [See 1870 U. S. Census, Chatham Co., GA, Savannah Dist. 21, p.129R: Hamilton was living with John Willis 21, m, black, porter in store, b. GA; Ella Willis 20, f, black, b. GA; Hamilton Austin 22, m, black, works in office, b. GA.]

Ida Harriett Alston, age 12, was light in color and was born in Fernandina, FL, a daughter of Lucretia. She was raised in Savannah, GA. She opened Account 7256 on 31 Oct 1871 in Savannah and lived on Huntington Street. Siblings: W. C. White; Peter T.; Charles; and Henry (deceased). The deposit to the Account was under her brother, Willis C. White. [See the 1870 U. S. Census for Chatham County GA, Savannah, 1 June, p 3: Ida Alston f, mulatto, b. FL. Living with Lacriah Trial 25, f, b. SC; Wm. White 18 m, mu, laborer, b. SC; Peter Trial 8 b. FL.]

Isaac Alston, opened Account 4805 on 14 August 1872 in Augusta, GA. [See 1870 Census for Richmond County, Augusta Ward 1, 2 June, p. 2R, Dw.29, Fam. 31: Isaac Alston 25, mu, b. NC, railroad laborer; Ellen Alston 16, black, b. SC; Rachael 4/12 mu, b. SC.]

James Aston, age 24, black, was born and raised in Coweta County. GA. He was the son of Charley Abbott and Hannah Aston. He married Fanny and opened Account 3620 on 8 May 1872 in GA. He was a laborer working for Mr. Robinson and lived on Wheat Street off of Pine Street in Savannah. Child: unnamed boy. Siblings: none.

James B. Alston, opened Account 9072 on 5 July 1872, in GA.

John Alston, age 25, brown, was born in SC to Toney of Savannah and Patsey A. He was raised in SC. He married to Elizabeth. He opened Account 4289 in Savannah, GA. He was a butcher. He lived on Falen St. near Harris, in Savannah, GA. Child: John Henry, age 4 months. Siblings: Rev. James B., Tone, Susan Creamer, Charlotte Lewis. Margaret Green, Sarah Allston, and Mary Ann Alston, all in Savannah, GA. John was the Treasurer of the Butcher Benevolent Association. [For more information about associations see Freedman’s Bureau records.]

Joseph Austin, age 30, dark, was born in Savannah, GA to Joseph and Susan, both deceased. He was raised in Sundries. He was married to Emma. He opened Account 4538 on 10 Sept 1872 in Savannah, GA. He lived in Allentown, GA. Ch: Rosenia and Joseph. Siblings: All gone away. [See 1870 Census, McIntosh County, GA, Cambers Island, Darien P0, 9 July. p 207: Joseph Austin 30, m, black, works on farm, b. SC; Emma Austin 20, works on farm, b. SC; Josiborg 12, SC; Henry Smith 21, SC.]

Lymus Alston, opened Account 2327 on 2 October 1869 in Savannah, GA. Reference to Account 2050 in Charleston, SC)

Mary E. Alston, age 21, brown, was born in Savannah, GA to Tony and Patsey (deceased). She was raised in Chatham County, GA. She opened Account 8932 on 8 June 1872 in Savannah. She was a house servant, working for E. H. Smith, and lived at 194 Charleston Street in Savannah. GA. Funds were not to be drawn without the consent of Mr. F. H. Smith. The signature on the account was E. H. Smith.

Mary Ellen Austin, age 16, brown, was born and raised in Savannah, GA, to Anthony and Sarah. She opened Account 2840 on 16 September 1873 in Savannah, GA, deposited by her mother. She was a service worker for Mrs. Smith Jones, Sr. She lived on Jones St., near West Broad Street, Savannah. Siblings: John, James, Charles, Anthony, Charlotte, Sarah, and Susannah. All her siblings lived in Savannah except Charles, who lived in Philadelphia. She had another account, dated 15 January 1870, with no account number. See Record 28.

Sarah Austin was born and raised in Savannah, GA. She was a daughter of William and Nancy Wyley. She married to Toney Austin and she opened a bank account on 13 December 1872, in Savannah. Children: Charlie, John, Junin, Anthony. Susanna, Charlotte. Samuel. Mary. Siblings: Margaret Miller, Mary Davis, Ellen Knight, Ben, Robert. [See 1870 U. S. Census of Chatham County, Savannah, 3 August, p 477R: Sarah Austin 19 f, black, b. GA, domestic servant, in residence of Ben Creamer 37, black, drayman.]

Susanna Alston, age 16, of dark complexion, was born in Charleston, SC to Bob (deceased) and Louisa of Savannah. Raised in Savannah, GA, she opened Account 9407 there on 19 August 1872. She was a cook, working for Mr. Willington and lived on Barnan, near York Street, in Savannah. Siblings: Ryan, Celia, Ann, Janie.

Toney Austin was born in Georgetown, SC to Tony Austin and Patsey. Raised in SC, he married Diana, and on 3 April 1873, he opened an account in Savannah, GA. He lived in Chatham County, GA. Children: Samuel, Doyl, Rosa, Charles, and Henry. Siblings: James, John, Charlie, Susannah Cramm, Charlotte Lewis, Margaret Green, Mary Ellen, Sarah. [See 1870 U. S. Census for Chatham County, 2 July, p 411 R: Tony Austin 38 m, black, b. GA, journeyman cooper. Diana Austin, 27, f, black, b. GA; Jim Baker 41 m, black, laborer.]

Washington Alston, age 25, of dark complexion, opened Account 2845 on 15 Jan 1870 in Savannah, GA His father was Smart, who died nineteen years previously. His mother was Sarah of Georgetown, SC. He was born and raised in Georgetown, SC. His spouse was Lydia. They are separated. He had a son named William and an infant, who are both dead. Siblings: William, Jack, and Isabel, who all lived in Georgetown, SC. His sister Dinah was dead. Washington was a drayman, employed by Pendergrast. His residence was Randolph Street near South Broad St. The account was signed by Washington Alston.

William Alston, age 35, black, was born in Darien, GA to Peter and Lina. He married Emma (deceased). He opened Account 4998 on 31 Dec.1870 in Savannah, GA. William worked as a mason for Alex T. Furgarson. He lived at the corner of Broad & Charleston Streets. Ch: Janey, Peter (deceased). Siblings: Marcus, Zacherias, Louisa, Elizabeth, Kandes, Lydia & Nany. A William Alston opened Acct. 7403 on 18 Nov 1871 in GA. (It is not known if the accounts belonged to the same person.)

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Alice Austin, age 23, brown, was born in Bardstown, Kentucky to Richard Gray and Harriet Gray. She was raised in Louisville, Kentucky and married Charles Austin. She opened Account 6254 on 2 May 1873 in Kentucky. She was a cook & washer working for Mrs. Catlin. She lived at Wal-bet between 15th & 16th Street. Child: John Henry. Siblings: one brother, one sister. See also Account 6253 of Hester Ann Jones.

Johnson Ashton, age 35, black, was born in Fayette County, Kentucky to an unknown father and Lucy. He was raised in Fayette County. He married Lutitia and opened Account 367 on 14 February 1871, in Kentucky. He was a drayman working for himself. He lived in Wickliffe, Kentucky. Sibling: Alexander.

Stephens Aston, opened Account 1231 on 29 Nov 1866 in Kentucky. He was a tobacconist working for Widow Simpson. He lived in New Liberty, Kentucky. Sibling: Ann Sanders in Ghent, KY. [Civil War Military Record: Co. F, 117th Regt. USCT]

William Alston, black, was born in Nashville, Tennessee to an unknown father and Martha Alston. He was raised in Nashville, and opened Account 633 on 20 March 1866 in Kentucky. Working for (Master) Col. Alston, he lived in Nashville. Siblings: Isaac Alston. Height was 5 feet, 8 inches. He had a scar over his left eye. (Note: has this account indexed for Kentucky, however, he said his residence was Nashville.) [Civil War Military Record: Regt. & Co. 28 infantry USCT]

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Amaritta Austin was born and raised in Alabama. She was widowed. She opened Account 1089 on 24 July 1873 in Shreveport, Louisiana. She lived at 18 Nels St., in DeSoto Parish, Louisiana. Siblings: Mary, Joseph, Albert, Alfred Brown. Widow was not qualified. The account could be drawn by herself and Joseph Brown.

Beverly Austin, black, was born in Ascension Parish, Louisiana to Abraham and Louisa Austin (deceased). He was raised in Ascension Parish. He opened Account 596 on 5 May 1868 in New Orleans. He said that he was a carpenter who had been living here (see residence), 8 years, for Master. He lived in Camp Parapet, Jefferson Parish, Louisiana*. Siblings: Mina (Miney) Austin of New Orleans, Priscilla Austin, Irany Austin (deceased). * In 1868 Beverly said he lived across the river from New Orleans with his father. His stepmother, Milly Austin, was deceased. [See 1870 U. S. Census, LA, Ascension Parish, Ward 6, Donaldsonville P 0, p. 111R, 23 July 1870, Dw 167, Fam. 167: Beverly Austin 23 m, black, carpenter house, b. LA; John Newson 36, m, black, farm laborer, b. VA; Emily Newson 40, f. Also see Military service. Civil War Regt. & Co. H. 97th USCT.]

Easton V. Austin, opened Account 962 on II March 1873 in Louisiana. Money could be drawn by whoever brought the bank book to the bank.

Joseph Austin, age 59, of dark complexion, was born and raised in Chester District, South Carolina. He was married to Ellen. He opened Account 784 on 7 August 1872, in Shreveport, Louisiana. He was a farmer, working for Col. Marshall. He lived in De Soto Parish, Louisiana. Children: Josephine. Siblings: Alfred, June, Rose, Lucy Ferguson, Harriet. Joseph named himself only, for withdrawals from his account. He willed the account to his children.

Lucy Ashton age 26, yellow, was born in New Orleans, Louisiana to Patsy Johnson. Her father was deceased. She was raised in New Orleans. Unmarried, she opened Account 7428 on 1 April 1873 in New Orleans. She worked by the month for anybody. She lived at 280 Canal Street, in New Orleans. Siblings: Jno. White, Josephine, Elizabeth. The signature of Lucy Ashton was on the account.

Manuel Austin age 19, brown, was born and raised in Louisiana. A farmer, he opened Account 511 on 23 December 1871 in Louisiana. He lived with Owens Walford (sp.?). Withdrawals were to be made by himself only. He willed the account to Owens Walford.

Mary Austin, black, was born and raised in Prince Georges County, Virginia. She was unmarried. She opened Account 363, on 17 May 1867, in New Orleans, Louisiana. She was a cook, and her Master was Thomas Temple of Virginia. She lived on Perdido Street, between Howard & St. Paul Streets in New Orleans. Children: Cornelius Oliver. Mary said, “He died here (New Orleans), last April a year ago. He was aged 19 years.” Mary left Virginia 22 years ago, last April.

Mary Austin was born in Clinton, Louisiana to John and Margaret Austin. She was raised in Louisiana, and married to Stephen Parker. She opened Account 4451 on 24 Feb 1872 in New Orleans. She lived at Commerce & Basin Street, New Orleans. Ch: Stephen and Mary. Siblings: George, Harriett Riley. Stephen Parker, her husband, opened Account 4451 on 24 February 1872. [See 1870 Census, New Orleans, Ward 2, 13 June, Fam.338: Stephen Parker 40, mu., at home (furnished rooms), b. VA: Mary Parker (Austin) 24, f, mu, furnished rooms, b. LA; Stephen 2, m, mu, b. LA; Mary 8/12 b. Oct. 1869.]
Related account- Stephen Parker, born in Baltimore. MD., kept a boarding house. He opened Account 4451 on 24 February 1872. His wife Mary Austin Parker (listed above) had Account 4451. Stephen’s father, William Parker, was deceased. His mother was Ellen. His brother was William. His wife (Mary) could draw on his account.

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William Austin, black, unmarried, opened Account 2937 on 21 July 1870 in Baltimore, MD. He was a farmer, who lived on Belair Road in Baltimore County. No one could draw (money from the account) but himself.

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EIijah Alston, age 60, dark brown, was born in North Carolina to Moses and Della. His parents were both deceased. He was raised in NC. He was married to Mariah. He opened Account 301 on 11 February 1871 in Columbus, MS. He was a farmer who was working for Major Egleston. He lived in Lowndes Co., MS. Sibling: Davy. See another Account 511, opened on 25 Nov 1871. No one was authorized to draw but himself.

Landonia Austin, age 30, of a very light complexion, was born in Alabama to John Washington and Sophia Austin. She was married to W. T. Austin. She opened Account 553 on 27 December 1871 in Columbus, Mississippi. She lived in Columbus. Sibling: Sufboro. No one was authorized to draw from the account but herself.

Nat Austin, age 49, black, was born in Brunswick County, Virginia to Stephen and Melinda. He was married to Diana. He opened Account 1852 on 23 Dec 1868 in Natchez. Mississippi. He was a farm worker for Mrs. Halsey. He lived in Washington County, Mississippi. Children: Robert, Alphonzo, and Charlotte. [Note that Brunswick Co., VA, St. Andrews 1860 Slave Schedule had slave owners: F. A. Austin who had 14 slaves. G. B. Austin had 14 slaves. Neither was found on the 1860 Population Schedule. This may suggest that they had a residence in another location, but their plantation was in Brunswick, VA.]

Simon Austin, age 37, brown, was born in Nashville, Tennessee to Simon and Irena. He was raised in Hinds County, Mississippi. He was married to Caroline. He opened Account 3181 on 20 December 1869 in Natchez. MS. He was a farmer working for himself. He lived in Warren, MS. Children: Sarah, Lizzie, Thomas, William, and Ann. Siblings: William and Ann. [See a marriage of Simon Austin on Register of Marriages of Freedmen, MS Vol. I, 1863-1865.]

William Austin, age 36, black, was born in Jefferson County, Mississippi to an unknown mother and Dave Warner. He was raised in Jefferson County. He was unmarried. He opened Account 282 on 13 June 1872 in Natchez. Mississippi. He was a porter working for William McCrary & William Norman. He lived in Natchez. Ch: none. Siblings: Frank Warner, James Warner, Martha Freeman, Mary Lawson. [See 1870 U. S. Census. Jefferson Co., MS, Fayette Twp 8, p 78: (sister) Martha Freeman 38, f, mu, domestic laborer, b. MS.]

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Manerva Austin was married to Charles Austin. She opened an account on 7 June 1869 in St. Louis. Missouri. Child: Julia. Signature was by Manerva Austin. (No account number)

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James Benjamin Alston, age 20, black, opened Account 5677 on 10 Feb 1873 in New York City, NY. He was a waiter for Lieut. J. M. Califf & Capt. Jas Ch. James’ father was Peter, who lived in Charleston, SC. His mother was Julia. James was born and raised in Charleston, SC. His residence in 1873 was Fort Hamilton, Brooklyn, New York. Siblings: Paul, Abner, Simon, Josephine, Sarah, Diana, Susie. All his siblings lived in Charleston, SC. The signature on the account was by James Benjamin Alston.

James Franklin Alston, age 10, brown, opened Account 5956, on 7 May 1873 in New York City, NY. His father, William, also had an account. James was born in Philadelphia, PA. His residence in 1873 was 185 Blaecker Street.. [See 1870 U. S. Census, Philadelphia, PA, Ward 4, 16 Jul, P 288, Bleecker St., Dw 471, Fam 709: Alston, William J. 43, m, clergyman, NC; Annie C. 41, F, NY; James F. 7, m, mulatto, PA; Julia M. 1, f, mulatto, PA.]

William Johnson Alston, age 45, of light complexion, opened Account 4942, on 11 Sep 1872, in New York City, NY. He was a clergyman, employed at St. Phillip Church in New York. He was married to Annie C. His father was Oscar F. Alston of Raleigh, NC. His mother was Miranda. He was born and raised in Warrenton County, NC. His residence in 1872 was 114 S. Second St., Brooklyn, New York. His children were: James F., and Julia M. Siblings: Weldon S. of Washington, James and Phillip of Cleveland, Thomas of TN, Mary H., of Raleigh, NC, Altone F., wife of Wm. Pampers of Jacksonville, FL. [See 1870 U. S. Census, Philadelphia, PA, Ward 4, 16 Jul, P 288, Bleecker St., Dw 471, Fam 709: Alston, William J. 43, m, mulatto, clergyman, NC; Annie C. 41, f, mulatto, NY; James F. 7, m, mulatto, PA; Julia M. 1, f, mulatto, PA.]

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Abram James Austin, was age 21. His complexion was dark brown. He was born in 1849 and raised in New Bern, NC, to Major Austin and Lucinda. His parents still lived in New Bern. He opened Account 1613, on 26 May 1870 in New Bern. NC. He opened another Account 2014, on 27 Jan 1871. He was a cooper. He lived on Philadelphia Street, in New Bern, NC. Siblings: Jane Ann, Kate, Adelle, Victoria, Abby James, and John Grimes of Washington, DC. Abram J. Austin was able to clearly sign his own name on the account. Abby James also signed on the account. [See the 1850, 1860, 1870, 1880 U. S. Population Schedule for New Bern Craven Co, NC. Lucinda the mother of Abram was age 25 in 1860, a black (free?) who took in washing. In 1860, Abram was age 9. Not until 1870 does his father, Major Austin age 55, male, black, a cooper, appear on the Census with Lucinda, Abram, Jane, Kate, and Adell. In 1880 Abram had a wife named Julia who was keeping house. He was working as a fisherman.]

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Ben Austin, age 23, black, was born in Barnwell District, SC to Ab, (who died 4 years ago) and Edy (who died 20 years ago). He was raised in Barnwell District. SC. Widowed by Diana, Ben married Telinda in 1870. He opened Account 1894 on 9 June 1869 in Savannah. GA. He was a stevedore working for himself. He lived at Indian, Laurens County, SC. Children: none. Siblings: Amos, Author, Jack, Ann, and Margaret, all of Barnwell District, SC. An additional Account 6109 was opened 11 May 1871. Wife Telinda opened Account 7466, on 27 Nov 1871. Also Account 9575 opened on 11 Sept 1872. [1870 U. S. Census, Chatham Co., GA, Savannah, p.396R: Benj. Austin 22, m, black, day laborer, SC; Talula Austin 24, f, black, GA; John Francis Austin 3, m, mulatto, GA.]

Elizabeth Austin, age 33, brown, opened Account 11082 on 1 Jul 1872 in Charleston, SC. She was a laundress by occupation. Elizabeth was married to Lewis Austin who also had Account 11081. Her father was Ferdinand Thomas. Her mother was Sarah. She was born and raised in Charleston, SC. Her residence in 1872 was 34 Warren Street in Charleston. Her children were: Lewis, William, Sarah, Samuel, John (deceased). Siblings: Francis, Thomas (deceased), Selem, William (deceased), Maria Oliver. Elizabeth was chairlady of a committee, named the Young Interested Branch. Account 10997, opened 24 Jun 1872.

James Austin, age 40, brown, opened Account 5613 on 16 Oct 1872 in Charleston, SC. He worked at a tobacco factory. He was married to Phoebe. He was born and raised in Richmond, VA. His residence was 15th St., Manchester, VA. He had no children. Siblings: Robert, John, Elizabeth, Martha, Susan. His wife’s Account was 5119.

J. W. Austin, of white complexion, married S. E. Austin. He opened Account 5994 on 11 Nov 1872 in Charleston, SC. He kept a Rock City shoe store and was working for himself. He lived at the corner of Market & Locust Street, Charleston, SC. Payment instructions: “No one to draw (on account) but myself.” Deposit made by Benj. Shook (sp.).

Lewis Austin, age 30, of dark complexion, opened Account 11081 on 1 Jul 1872. He was a self-employed bricklayer. His wife, Elizabeth also had Account 11082. His father was Samuel Austin. His mother was Chloe. He was born and raised in Charleston, SC. His residence was 34 Warren St., Charleston, SC. His children were Lewis 3 ½ yrs. old, William 2 yr. old, John 1 yr. old. Siblings: Robert, Harry, Ben (deceased), Emma, Mary, Sarah Maria, Harriet, Phebe (deceased). [See 1870 U. S. Census, Charleston, SC, Ward 6, 18 Jun, p 519, Dw 948, Fam 1117: Lewis Alston 33, , m, black, brick mason, can’t read or write, SC; Elisabeth 27, f, b, at home, SC; John 8, b, in school, SC; Lewis 4, b, SC; Willie 2, b, SC; Samuel 6/12 b, b Dec., SC.]

Mary Austin, age 25, of color, was born in Charleston, SC, to Samuel and Chloe Austin. She was raised in Charleston, SC. She was unmarried. She opened Account 6159 on 9 Jan 1871, in Charleston, SC. She lived at 208 Corning Lane, in Charleston, SC. Siblings: Lewis, Robert, Henry, Ben, Anna Moultrie, Harriet Austin, Mary, Sarah, Phebe, Ann (deceased), and Samuel Austin. See Account 3214 for Robert Austin. Mary’s account was deposited by her father, Sam Austin.

Phoebe Austin, age 36, opened Account 5119 on 22 Jul, 1872 in SC. Her spouse was James Austin of Account 5613. Phoebe was born and raised in Manchester, VA. Her parents and children were all dead. Siblings: Abby, Virginia, Alfred. She notes that she wants her husband to attend to her account if she is sick.

Pleasant Austin, age 39, of light brown complexion, was born and raised in Canton, MS to Daniel Richardson and Malinda. Pleasant was married to Henrietta Horton. He opened Account 3077 on 17 Oct 1871 in SC. Records are shown on previous Account number 3076. He was a carpenter. Detective Shelby was the last man he worked for. Children: Delphia, Malinda, Daniel, Katey, Richard, Hannah. The account 3076 has no residence listed for Pleasant.

Robert Austin, age 22, dark brown, was born in Charleston, SC to Samuel Austin and Chloe. He was raised in Charleston, SC. He was unmarried. He opened Account 3214 on 14 July I 869 in Charleston. SC. He was a carpenter working for himself. He lived on Corning St., between Spring & Bogard in Charleston, SC. Siblings: Lewis, Henry, Ben (d), Mary, Emma, Harriet, Maria, Sarah, Phebe (d). Robert Austin, signed with his own signature. Also see Account 10453 opened on 20 April 1872.

Cyrus Alston, age 14, black, opened Account 22092 on 1 Jul 1872 in Charleston, SC. He was employed as a waiter by Miss O’Neal of Sullivan’s. His father was James (deceased). His mother was Betsey Hayward. He was born and raised in Charleston, SC. His residence was at Meeting Street on Chalmers. Siblings: James, Jacob, Jane (deceased). [See 1870 U. S. Census, Charleston, Ward 4, SC, 5 Jul, p 215R, Dw. 258, Fam. 383: Simmon Hayward, 45, m, b, coppersmith; Betsy Hayward, 40, b, washer; James Alston, 22, m, b, at school; Syrus (sp.) Alston 11, m, b, at school; Jacob Alston 8; Nancy Hayward 9.]

Gabriel Alston opened Account 412 on 20 Aug 1873. His father was named January and his mother was Maria. Gabriel was born and raised in Georgetown, SC. Siblings: March, and Sarah. {See 1870 U. S. Census, Charleston, SC, Ward 3,27 Jul, p 143: Gab Alston 21, m, black, laborer.]

George D. Alston, age 22, black, opened Account 4733 on 13 May 1870 in Charleston, SC. He was a waiter for Dr. Hazel. He was single. His father was Cato (deceased). His mother was Patty. He was born and raised in Georgetown, SC. He resideded in Georgetown. He had no children or siblings. Frank Lawrence and Joseph Dinas came with him to the bank. The account was signed by George D. Alston.

John Alston, age 48, of dark brown complexion, opened Account 111995 on 24 Jun 1872 in Charleston, SC. He was a self-employed house carpenter. His was married to Molly. His parents (deceased) were John and Dolly. He was born and raised in Charleston, SC. His children were John, Celia (d.), and Daniel A. John lived at 13 Tradd Street in Charleston, SC. Siblings: Jos., James, Avery.

Lymus Alston, age 44, male, black, was a bricklayer. He opened Account 2050 in Charleston, SC on 28 Jul 1869. He was born and raised in Charleston, SC. His wife was Annette in Charlotte. His father, Cyrus died when he was about 15-20 years old. His mother Peggy died when she was 20 years of age. His children were: William, 6 yrs. Old; Elizabeth, 3 years old; Joseph 2 years old. Siblings: His brother, Jackson was dead. His sister Jennie Chisholm lived in St. Andrews Parish, SC. His sister Nancy lived in the same parish. Lymus and Annette resided at Drayton and Liberty Streets, in Charleston. Lymus worked for Saunders and Crista. Lymus signed his own name to the account. Another Account 10203 was opened on 3 Apr, 1872 for the Sons & Daughters of Emanuel. Lymus was the President of the organization and Ann Harrison was the Treasurer. They could both draw on the account. [See 1870 U. S. Census, Charleston, SC, Ward 4, 19 Jul, 1870, p 241, Dwelling 556, Fam 776: Lymus Alston, 30, m, b. brickmason, b SC; Anne H. Alston, 25, f, mulatto, domestic servant, could not read or write; William 8; Lizzie 5; Joseph 3; Mary 5/12, b Feb; Lulah 12, all born SC. Also, the 1890 Charleston, SC City Directory has: Lymus Alston, address 11 Palmetto St., a bricklayer. Also see 1880 U. S. Census, Charleston, SC, 9 Jun, Dwelling 143 Smith St., Fam. 221: Limus Alston 60, bricklayer, SC; Anna 43; Ailliam 17, bricklayer, Mulatto, SC; Elizabeth 15; Joseph 12; Mary 9; Richard 6; Samuel 2.]

Margaret Alston, age 33, dark brown, opened Account 8931 on 23 Oct 1871 in Charleston, SC. She was a cook and washer for Mrs. Lawdner. Her father was Valentine Austin. Her mother was Charlotte. Margaret was born and raised in Charleston, SC. Her residence was at the corner of Lignes and South Bay St., Charleston, SC. Her account was deposited by her cousin, James Miles. [See 1870 U. S. Census, Charleston, SC, Ward 2, 14 Jun, p 86, line 24: Margaret Alston, 32, f, black, washer, b SC, can’t read or write.]

Peter Allston opened Account 4533 on 6 Nov 1871 in Charleston, SC. (No further information is on the record.)

Rosanna Alston, age 43, dark brown, opened Account 5342 on 31 Aug 1870 in Charleston, SC. She did washing for Henry Gerdts. Her father was Ned Edward (deceased). Her mother was Rina Edward (deceased). Her spouse was Joshua Alston who was gone three years before the war. Her residence was at the corner of Wentworth Street and Pitt. Siblings: Richard (gone 10 years), Ned (deceased), Samuel (deceased), Sib Sander (lives in Charleston). [See 1870 U. S. Census, Charleston, SC, Ward 4, p 275, Dw. 847, Fam. 1183: Henry Gerdts; Rosanna Austin, age 50, f, black, domestic servant, b SC.]

Samuel Alston, age 14, brown, opened Account 3868 in Charleston, SC on 11 Dec 1869. His father was Samuel Alston, and his mother was Frances Manyautt. Samuel was born and raised in Charleston, SC. He resided in 1869 with Mrs. Adams on Church Street. He was employed by Adams Damon & Co. He had a brother Robert who was deceased. His sisters were Fanny and Genetta.

William Alston, age 30, opened Account 1245 on 23 Dec 1871 in Charleston, SC. He was a self-employed farmer. His father was Mingo (deceased). His mother was Tyra (deceased). His wife was Elsie. He was born and raised at Pocotaligo. He resided on James Island, Charleston County, SC. His children were: Cornesa, Betsey, Selina, Tony, Pleasant, Martha. Siblings: Daniel, Isaac, Pardon, Selina, Eliza, Nancy. [See 1870 U. S. Census, Charleston Co, SC, James Island, 13 Jun, p 83R, DW 140, Fam 141: William Alston 30, m, b, farmhand, SC, can’t read or write; Elsie, 22, f, b, farmhand, SC.]

William Alston, age 46, brown, opened Account 4654, in Charleston, SC, on 36 Apr 1870. He was born and raised in Williamsburg District, SC. His father was dead. His mother was Amelia Laurence. He was married to Lucinda. They had one child named William who died. He worked for A. Morgan. His residence was at the corner of Columbus and Nassau Street. Siblings: Henry Pedreau, Mary Alston, and John Monroe, who was gone. (Note that slave owner, William A. Alston b 1781 SC, a planter, was listed on the 1860 Slave Census as owning 602 slaves for a value of his personal estate of $200,000. on the 1860 Population Schedule.)

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Jack Austin, age 23, brown, was born in Haywood County, TN to Solomon and Matilda. He was raised in Madison County, TN. He opened Account 4003 on 23 Oct 1871 in Memphis. TN. He drove a dray and was working for Miss McCune. He lived on Second Street, near Keck’s Stable, in Memphis. TN. Siblings: Lawrence and Annie. Description notes that Jack had a scar on his forehead that was marked in 1865. Instructions: Pay account to Ambrose Austin (single), a driver of dray for Miss McCune. Jack was a pioneer in the army, and county. (Note: This account was indexed in SC by instead of TN).

Missouri Austin, age 20, of dark complexion, was born in Louisiana to an unknown father and Hannah White. Hannah lived at the same place as Missouri. Missouri was raised in Memphis, TN. The widow of Beal Austin*, she married second to John Beecher. She opened Account 1325 on 4 Dec 1869 in Memphis. TN. She lived on St. Martin St., behind Beal and Linden St. Sibling: Her brother is gone. Pay to (second) husband, a farmer who lived at Brinkley College. He was dark brown, and had a scar over his eye. * [Military: Corporal Beal Austin, Civil War Veteran of Co. I, 59th Inf. Regt. USCT. He has a plaque C-70 at the African American Civil War Memorial in Washington, DC in 2010. Additional family information may be available from the Memorial Museum.]

Nathan Austin, age 26, dark brown, was born in Sparta, TN to Major (deceased) and Becky. He was raised in Sparta. He was married to Maria Austin. He opened Account 5319 on 17 Oct 1872 in Memphis. TN. He was a dining room waiter. He lived at 106 Cherry Street, Memphis, TN. Children: none. Siblings: Adella and Sarah. Payment instructions: “My wife Maria can also draw”. Information about his wife: Maria Austin, b Salisbury, NC. She was raised in Sparta, TN. She was age 21, and her complexion was yellow. [Note: has this bank account indexed in SC, not TN.]

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William P. Austin, black, was born and raised in Lunenburg, VA. He was unmarried. He opened Account 3107 on 10 June 1871 in Richmond. VA. He Iived in Lunenberg Court House District, Lewiston County, VA. (This account was indexed by in SC, instead of VA. A comparison of residence addresses of other accounts on this page and surrounding pages, shows all residences of accounts on the microfilm page were for the Richmond bank in VA.) [See the 1860 and 1870 U. S. Census for Lunenburg Court House, Lewiston Township, VA. A resident was State Senator, William P. Austin, (white), born in 1820 in NH.]

Robert Ashton, black, was age 50 when he opened Account 7572 on 14 Feb 1874. He was married to Mary. He was born and raised in King George Co., VA. His residence in 1874 was at Marshall Odam’s place. {See 1870 U. S. Census, Richmond City, Richmond, VA, Jefferson Ward, p. 413R, Dwelling 238, Fam.262: Robert Ashton, 45, m, black, cooper, b VA; Mary Ashton, 23, f, b, keeping house, b VA.

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