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Preliminary Inventory 44: Preliminary Inventory of the Records of the National Recovery Administration (Record Group 9)

by Homer L. Calkin, Meyer H. Fishbein, and Leo Pascal
ACPL Call Number GC 973 UN32adh

Title Page, Foreward, Contents & Introduction (pgs. i-viii and 1-6)
General Records of the NRA to Records of the Field Branch (pgs. 7-50)
Records of the Contributions Section to Records of the Foreign Trade Studies Section (pgs. 51-92)
Records of the Statistics Section to Records of the Divisional Code Authority for the Radio Wholesale Trade (pgs. 93-130)
Records of the Code Authority for the Rayon and Silk Dyeing and Printing Industry to Records of the Territorial Office for Alaska (pgs. 131-162)
Appendices I to IV (pgs. 163-192)
Appendices V to XII (pgs. 199-226)



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