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Preliminary Inventory 33: Preliminary Inventory of the Records of the Bureau of Ordnance (Record Group 74)

by William F. Shonkwiler

Front Cover
Title Page
Table of Contents
Chiefs of the Bureau of Ordnance
Inventory: General Correspondence
Records Relating to the Manufacture of Guns… 1842-1913
Records Relating to Gun Exercises, 1854-1918
Records of Guns and Ordnance Material, 1818-1942
Records Relating to Patents and Inventions, 1826-1926
Records Relating to Supplies… 1836-1939
Records of Units in the Bureau, 1900-1943
Records of Ordnance Boards, 1863-1911
Special Collection of Records, 1849-1905
Maps, Photographs, and Drawings, 1818-1943



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