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Preliminary Inventory 194: Preliminary inventory of the General Records of the Department of Justice (Record Group 60)

by Marlon Johnson

Front Cover
Records of the Attorney General's Office; General Records
Misc. Records; Records of California Land Claims
Records of the Solicitor of Court of Claims; Personal Papers
Records of the Dept. of Justice; General Records
Records of Officials and Organizational Units
Personnel Records; General Records
Records Relating to Appointments and Other Actions in Dept of Justice and Federal Courts
Records Relating to Appointments and Other Actions in the District of Columbia
Records Relating to Appointments and Other Actions in Other Agencies
Records Relating to Special Investigations and Surveys
Records of the Attorney General's Advisory Committee on Crime, 1934-38
Records of the Hughes Aircraft Investigation Office, 1918-19
Records of the Commission to Investigate the Title of the US to Lands in DC
Records Relating to the Naval Oil Reserve ("Teapot Dome") 1922-35
Records Relating to the Attorney General's Patent Policy Survey, 1939-47
Records Relating to the Pueblo Lands Board, 1924-30
List of Attorneys General of the US, 1789-1977
Classified Subject Files: Primary Cases and Numbers
Back Cover



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