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Preliminary Inventory 17: Preliminary Inventory of the Records of the Adjutant General's Office

by Lucille H. Pendell and Elizabeth Bethel

Front Cover
Inventory, General records of the Adjutant General's Office, Correspondence 1800-1947, The "Book Period" 1800-1889
The "Record Card Period," 1890-1917
The "Decimal Classification Period," 1917-47
Muster rolls, 1784-1912
Orders, 1797-1939
Returns and s tation books, 1790-1916
Records relating to the Regular Army, 1798-1926
Records relating to Volunteers, 1846-1902
Records relating to wars 1812-1943, War of 1812 1812-15
Mexican War, 1845-50
Civil War, 1861-65
Spanish-American War and Philippine Insurrection, 1898-1901
World War I, 1914-17
World War II, 1941-43
Records relating to the United States Military Academy, 1803-1917; Correspondence, 1811-1904
Orders, 1814-1915
Rolls, registers, and reports, 1803-1917
Applications, 1805-97
Other records, 1814-1904
Records relating to the organization of the Office and to personnel, 1851-1908
Records relating to the Government Hospital for the Insane, 1862-1919
Provost Fund records, 1864-83
National Land Defense Board reports, 1907-15; Records of the Committee on the Classification of Personnel, 1917-19
Reference aids and other special files, 1790-1946
Records of divisions of the Adjutant General's Office; Appointment, Commission and Personal Branch, 1783-1917
Bounty and Claims Division, 1862-78
Colored Troops Division, 1863-89
Deserters Division, 1815-25, 1866-69
Drafted Bureau, 1863-66
Enlisted Branch, 1848-89
"Addison Files," 1848-62
Enrollment Division, 1866-62; Freedmen's Branch, 1872-79
Washington Office
Field offices
Fund Branch, 1871-83
General Courts Martial Division, 1866-72
Military Prison Record Division, 1865-95
Military Reservation Division, early 1800s-1916
Recruiting Division, 1814-1913
Volunteer Service Division, 1861-89
Records of the Record and Pension Office
Correspondence and related papers of the office, 1889-1904
Carded military service records, 1784-1903; Post-Revolutionary War period, 1784-1811
War of 1812, 1812-15
Indian Wars, 1817-58
Mexican War, 1846-68; Civil War, 1861-65
Spanish-American War and Philippine Insurrection, 1898-1903
Carded medical records, 1812-1912
Medical records, 1814-1919
Records of and pertaining to medical installations, 1821-1912
Records concerning medical personnel, 1839-1914
Reports on diseases and individual cases, 1841-93
Records relating to the sick and wounded, ca. 1814-1919
Miscellaneous medical records, ca. 1862-1917
Administrative records, 1850-1912
Records of the War Records Office
Records created by the War Records Office, 1875-99
Civil War records retained by the War Records Office, 1861-65
Other records; Hawkins Taylor Commission, 1863
Smith-Brady Commission, 1864-65; Howard Court of Inquiry, 1874
United States Christian Commission, 1861-66; Correspondence and reports
Personnel records; Records relating to accounts and contributions
Miscellaneous records
United States Disciplinary Barracks, 1906-40
Governors Island, New York, 1906-40
Fort Leavenworth, Kans., 1906-29



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