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Preliminary Inventory 104: Records of the Bureau of Agricultural Economics (Record Group 83)

by Vivian Wiser, comp.
ACPL Call Number GC 973 Un32afo

Publication Cover
Title Page, Foreword, & Contents
Introduction & Chiefs of the Bureau of Agricultural Economic & Its Predecessors (pgs. 1-14)
Records of the Bureau of Agricultural Economics (pgs. 15-30)
Records Relating to International Organizations, Committees, and Conferences (pgs. 31-50)
Records Relating to Rural Credit in the United States, 1913-1919 (pgs. 51-76)
Special Preliminary Examination Report, 1941 (pgs. 77-103)
Appendix I (pgs. 105-116)
Appendix II (pgs. 117-142)
Appendices III, IV, V, & VI (pgs. 143-192)
Appendices VII & VIII (pgs. 193-212)



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