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The Citizen Soldiers at North Point and Fort McHenry, September 12 & 13, 1814
Lucas, Robert. The Robert Lucas Journal of the War of 1812 During the Campaign Under General William Hull
Sholes, Stanton, Journal
Aldrich, Samuel, New York Militia
Battreall, William, 2nd Ohio Militia
Cretser, John, New York Militia
Custar, Abraham, Ohio Militia
Custar, Isaac, Ohio Militia
Custer, William, Kentucky Mounted Militia
DeGraft, Abraham, Capt. Baer's Cavalry Co., 1st Dist.
Delph, Cornelius, Virginia Militia
Donahoe, William, Virginia Militia
Edmonds, Thomas, Ohio Militia
Evans, William B., Virginia Militia
Fairchild, Benjamin
Fancher, Henry
Flint, Benjamin, Vermont Militia
Games, Robert, Virginia Militia
Graves, Jacob, Tennessee Militia
Hemingway, Isaac, New York Militia
Hemingway, James, New York Militia
Hemingway, Needham, New York Militia
Jameson, Daniel, New York Militia
Jones, William, Virginia Militia
Kreiger, George, 1st Ohio Militia
Lewellen, Asa, Virginia Militia
Lewellen, Philip, Ohio Militia
Lightner, Henry, Cumberland Co. Light Infantry
Lightner, Isaac, Pennsylvania Militia
Lightner, William, Pennsylvania Militia
Miller, James, Ohio Militia
Mitten, Isaac, Capt. Hooker Co., Ohio Militia Cavalry
Mitten, Joshua, Capt. Miller Mounted Co., Ohio Volunteers
Orr, John
Patten, Thomas, Midshipman
Peatt, James, Virginia Militia
Racer, George M., Virginia Militia
Racer, John, Virginia Militia
Racer, Thomas, Virginia Militia
Rider, Reuben, New York Militia
Rider, Samuel, New York Militia
Sanderson, Alexander, Ohio Militia
Sanderson, James, Ohio Militia
Serfoss, John
Shetterly, Henry, Ohio Militia
Shetterly, Jacob, 19th Regiment
Simon, George, Capt. Gilbert's Company, Ohio Militia
Slaughter, Jeremiah, Ohio Militia
Smith, Daniel S., Ohio Militia
Smith, Ezekiel, Virginia Militia
Smith, Solomon, Virginia Militia
Taft, Daniel, New York Militia
Thompson, Richard
Watts, John
Wells, Joel, 3rd Ohio Volunteers
Willison, James, New York Militia
Wyman, Abel, Vermont Volunteers
Pension Records
Pensioners Roll, 1883, St. John Parish, Louisiana
War of 1812 Pensioners in Indiana, 1883
War of 1812 Pensioners in Michigan, 1883
War of 1812 Pensioners in Minnesota, 1883
War of 1812 Pensioners in Wisconsin, 1883
Post-war Activities and Lineage Societies
The Military Society of the War of 1812: Annals, Regulations, and Roster
Unit Histories and Rosters
Index to Certified Copy of List of American Prisoners of War, 1812-1815: As Recorded in General Entry Book, Ottawa, Canada. List of American Prisoners of War, Who Died at Princetown, Dartmoor, England, 1812-1815
Battles and War
The Battle of Plattsburgh: What Historians Say About It
Chalmette National Historical Park Louisiana
Claims of Citizens of Florida for Losses Sustained by the Operations of the American Army in 1812-1814
A Journal, Containing an Accurate and Interesting Account of the Hardships, Sufferings, Battles, Defeat and Captivity of Those Heroic Kentucky Volunteers and Regulars, Commanded by General Winchester, in the Years 1812-13. Also, Two Narratives, by Men That Were Wounded in the Battles on the River Raisin and Taken Captive by the Indians
The Naval War of 1812, Part I
The Naval War of 1812, Part II
Under the Red Jack: Privateers of the Maritime Provinces of Canada in the War of 1812