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92nd Bombardment Wing: Sentinel of the Pacific Northwest

by Arlin J. Frerich. (Fairchild Air Force Base, WA: by the Wing, 1984). ACPL Call Number D301.2:B63/2 (Govt. Docs).

NOTE: Page 13 is blank in the original, apparently due to a printing error.

Title Page
Cover Description
Mission Statements
Table of Contents
Chapter 1: A Wing is Born
Chapter 2: The War Years
Chapter 3: The 92d Gets a Home
Chapter 4: The Aerospace Age
Chapter 5: Southeast Asia
Chapter 6: A Time of Peace, a Time of Change
Awards and Honrs Given to the 92d BMW
Wing Commanders of the 92d MBW
List of Stations
Designations and Types of Aircraft
A Pictorial History of the 92d BMW
B-17 "Flying Fortress"
B-29 "Superfortress"
KB-29 Tankers converted from B-29 Bombers
B-36 "Peacemaker"
Atlas Intercontinental Ballistic Missile
B-52 "Stratofortress"
KC-135 "Stratotanker"
Picture of Fairchild AFT (late 1960s)
Picture of General Fairchild (late 1940s)



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