Crawford County, Ohio Obituaries A-Z

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Media: 16mm Film

Item Number Contents
0005 Obituaries, A'hern, Joseph - Beck, Harry W.
0006 Obituaries, Beck, Harvey, O. - Campbell, Geo.
0007 Obituaries, Campbell, Gladys I. - Cypers, Jean
0008 Obituaries, Dabney, Blanche - Farber, Sophia
0009 Obituaries, Dabney, Fargo, John Sr. - Fuson, Loucilla
0010 Obituaries, Ginder, Anna - Hennesy, Patrick
0011 Obituaries, Hennis, Geo. - Karle, Solama
0012 Obituaries, Karm, John - Leggeria, Eugenia
0013 Obituaries, Leham, Charles to Michener, Donna
0014 Michener, Karl - Nethers, Larry R.
0015 Obituaries, Neuman - Ream, William S.
0016 Obituaries, Reamer, John G. - Scheiber, Wm. M
0017 Obituaries, Scheifer, Abraham - Smith, Nancy
0018 Obituaries, Smith, Neil - Thitoff, Sylvester
0019 Obituaries, Thom, Albert - Wilcox, Wm. Edward
0020 Obituaries

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