Soundex to Northern District Of IL Naturalization Petitions, 1840-1950

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Media: 16mm Film
Filed Under: Illinois

Item Number Contents
0001 A-000 through A-234
0002 A-235 through A-352 Martin
0003 A-352 Mary through A-236 Jonathon
0004 A-436 Joseph through A-536 Abr.
0005 A-536 Abraham through A-536 Franzaen
0006 A-536 Fred through A-536 Ottilie
0007 A-536 Otto through A-651 Motel
0008 A-651 N.A. through B-200 Antole
0009 B-200 Anton through B-216
0010 B-220 through B-241
0011 B-242 through B-260
0012 B-260 H. through B-321
0013 B-322 through B-400 Cyril
0014 B-400 Demko through B-420 Wilhelm
0015 B-420 William through B-450 Dwosia
0016 B-450 E.P.A. through B-500 Frank
0017 B-500 Fred through B-523
0018 B-524 through B-550 Gustov
0019 B-550 H. through B-612
0020 B-613 through B620 Owen
0021 B-620 P. through B-623
0022 B-624 through B-626 Johen
0023 B-626 John through B-632 Vojta
0024 B-632 W.J. through B-650 Chas.
0025 B-650 through B-652 Ezio
0026 B-652 F. through B-653 Szlomi
0027 B-653 Tekla through C-124
0028 C-125 through C-200 Ewa
0029 C-200 F.W. through C-240
0030 C-241 through C-350
0031 C-351 through C-426
0032 C-430 through C-466
0033 C-500 through C-520
0034 C-521 through C-562
0035 C-562 through C-623 Andy
0036 C-623 Ann Marie through C-631
0037 C-632 through C-642 Fritz
0038 C-642 G. through C-652 Lydia
0039 C-652 Mabel through D-124
0040 D-125 through D-165 Duje
0041 D-165 Edmund through D-246
0042 D-250 through D-320 Otto
0043 D-320 Paul through D-420 Ivan
0044 D-420 Jacob through D-450 Murthy
0045 D-450 Natalie through D-526
0046 D-530 through D-562
0047 D-563 through D-625 Esther
0048 D-625 Fanny through E-152 Even
0049 E-152 Faustino through E-252
0050 E-253 through E- 425 Carl
0051 E-425 Catherine through E-552
0052 E-553 through E-652
0053 E-653 through F-240
0054 F-241 through F-356
0055 F-360 through F-431
0056 F-432 through F-520 Klara
0057 F-520 L. through F-620 Kurt
0058 F-620 Laughlin through F-634 Julius
0059 F-634 Karl through F-652 Fraz
0060 F-652 Fred through G-100 Fritz
0061 G-100 George through G-216
0062 G-220 through G-260
0063 G-260 David through G-355 Orke
0064 G-355 Oscar through G-420
0065 G-421 through G-432 Ruth
0066 G-432 S. through G-516
0067 G-520 through G-565
0068 G-600 through G-616 Motte
0069 G-616 Nathan through G-622 Vincent
0070 G-622 W. through G-632
0071 G-633 through G-651 Izydore
0072 G-651 J. through G-662
0073 G-663 through H-155 Maurice
0074 H-155 Max through H-200 Jozsef
0075 H-200 Jules through H-242
0076 H-243 through H-263 Louis
0077 H-263 M. through H-400 Dusan
0078 H-400 E. through H-423 Otto
0079 H-423 through H-453 Elizabeth
0080 H-453 Elke through H-520 Gustav
0081 H-520 Harriett through H-525 James
0082 H-525 Jan through H-536
0083 H-540 through H-562
0084 H-563 through H-622
0085 H-623 through H-636
0086 H-640 through I-351
0087 I-352 through J-220 Sam
0088 J-220 Tadeusas through J-520
0089 J-521 through J-525 Franciszek
0090 J-525 Frank through J-525 Oysten
0091 J-525 P. through K-110
0092 K-112 through K-200 Axel
0093 K-200 B. through K-240
0094 K-241 through K-320 Lukas
0095 K-320 Mabel through K-343
0100 K-344 through K-420 Jon
0101 K-420 Joseph through K-451
0102 K-452 through K-510
0103 K-510 J. through K-532 Kyel
0104 K-532 L. through K-615
0105 K-616 through K-625 Gustav
0106 K-625 H.H. through K-650 Lydia
0107 K-650 M. through L-100 Julius
0108 L-100 Karl through L-153
0109 L-154 through L-220 Quintilia
0110 L-220 Raffaello through L-312
0111 L-313 through L-514
0112 L-515 through L-533 Eveline
0113 L-533 F. through L-550
0114 L-550 Magdalena through L-625 Peter
0115 -625 P.A. through M-200 Szymon
0116 M-200 Tamy through M-234
0117 M-235 through M-242 Trygve
0118 M-242 Vaclav through M-254 Duncan
0119 M-254 Ebbe through M-263 Vittoria
0120 M-263 Walter through M-326 Philipp
0121 M-326 Rudolph through M-422 Konstantyn
0122 M-422 Laidslav through M-460 Dore
0123 M-460 E.F. through M-520 Owen
0124 M-520 P. through M-600 Charlis
0125 M-600 Charlotte through M-620 Johanna
0126 M-620 John through M-632 Johann
0127 M-632 John through N-120 Lula
0128 N-120 Mabel through N-242 Jonas
0129 N-242 Kannen through N-425 Everett
0130 N-425 F.A. through N-550 Dorothee
0131 N-550 E.G. through O-166
0132 O-200 through O-400
0133 O-410 through O-462
0134 P-463 through P-142 Justina
0135 P-142 Karel through P-236 Ivan
0136 P-236 Jacob through P-325 Myer
0137 P-325 Naida through P-362 Hulver
0138 P-362 I.M. through P-411
0139 P-412 through P-432
0140 P-433 through P-534 Szymon
0141 P-534 Theresa through P-625 Axel
0142 P-625 B. through Q-355
0143 Q-356 through R-152
0144 R-153 through R-216
0145 R-220 through R-252 Einor
0146 R-252 E. through R-320 Augustin
0147 R-320 Balbina through R-400 Lydia
0148 R-400 Mafada through R-534
0149 R-535 through S-120 Jons
0150 S-120 Josef through S-152 Gustave
0151 S-152 H. through S-166
0152 S-200 through S-240
0153 S-241 through S-315 Duncan
0154 S-315 Earl through S-330
0155 S-331 through S-352 Frank
0156 S-352 H. through S-362 Vyncenz
0157 S-362 W.A. through S-415 Douglas
0158 S-415 E.P. through S-432 Avrum
0159 S-432 Balhaser through S-463
0160 S-465 through S-525 Amon
0161 S-525 Anders through S-530 Izrael
0162 S-530 J. through S-535 Iver
0163 S-535 J.A. through S-551
0164 S-552 through S-616
0165 S-620 through S-646
0166 S-650 through T-216
0167 T-220 through T-450 Eve
0168 T-450 Francis through T-526
0169 T-530 through T-624
0170 T-625 through U-450
0171 U-451 through V-263
0172 V-264 through V-526
0173 V-530 through W-160 Gutliff
0174 W-160 H. though W-236
0175 W-240 through W-300 Ivan
0176 W-300 J. through W-410 Eva
0177 W-410 F. through W-425
0178 W-426 through W-516 Harry
0179 W-516 H. through W-620
0180 W-621 through Y-520
0181 Y-521 through Z-263
0182 Z-264 through Z-560 Irving
0183 Z-560 J. through the end

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