Blacks Nominated to the U.S. Military Academy 1870-1887

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Media: 35mm Film
Filed Under: General Military

Item Number Contents
0001 Charles Sumner Wilson, Henry Alonzo Napier, Michael Howard, James Webster Smith (See Card Catalog)
0002 James Elias Rector, Thomas Van Rensslear Gibbs, Henry Ossian Flipper, John Washington Williams, William Henry Jarvis, Jr., William Henry White, Whitefield McKinlay, William Narcese Werles (See Card Catalog)
0003 Johnson Chestnut Whittaker: Correspondence; Reports; Orders; and Proceedings, Findings, and Sentence of the General Court-Martial of Cadet John B. McDonald, Feb 8, 1877 Court-Martial of John B. McDonald
0004 Case of Johnson Whittaker (pts I-III) [Court of Inquiry] Apr. 9-17, 1880
0005 Case of Johnson Whittaker (pts IV-VI)[Court of Inquiry] Apr. 19-22, 1880
0006 Case of Johnson Whitaker (pts VII-IX)[Court of Inquiry] Apr. 23-May 15, 1880
0007 Case of Johnson Whittaker (pts X & XI)[Court of Inquiry] May 17-29, 1880
0008 Case of Johnson Whittaker (pts I-VIII) [General Court-Martial] Jan. 20 - Feb.11, 1881
0009 Case of Johnson Whittaker (pts IX-XVI)[General Court-Martial] Feb. 14-25, 1881
0010 Case of Johnson Whittaker (pts XVII-XXV)[General Court-Martial] Feb. 28 - Mar. 14, 1881
0011 Case of Johnson Whittaker (pts XXVI-XXXI) [General Court-Martial] Mar. 15-22, 1881
0012 Case of Johnson Whittaker (pts XXXII-XXXVII) [General Court-Martial] Mar. 23-30, 1881
0013 Case of Johnson Whittaker (pts XXXVIII-XLII) [General Court-Martial] Mar. 31 - Apr. 8, 1881
0014 Case of Johson Whittaker (pts XLIII-XLVIII) [General Court-Martial] Apr. 9-22, 1881
0015 Case of Johnson Whittaker (pts XLIX-LVI) [General Court-Martial] Apr. 23 - May 3, 1881
0016 Case of Johnson Whittaker (pts LVII-LXIII) [General Court-Martial] May 4-12, 1881
0017 Case of Johnson Whittaker (pts LXIV-LXIX) [General Court-Martial] May 13 - June 2, 1881
0018 Case of Johnson Whittaker (pts LXX-LXXXII) [General Court-Martial] June 3-10, 1881
0019 Case of Johnson Whittaker [General Court-Martial] Exhibits
0020 Case of Johnson Whittaker (Correspondence Accompanying the General Court-Martial, 1881-1903) Correspondence
0021 Joseph Thomas Dubuclet, John Augustus Simkins, Charles Augustus Minnie, Lemuel W. Livingston, John Hanks Alexander, Daniel Cato Sugg, Robert Shaw Wilkinson, Charles Young, Julius Linoble Mitchell, William Trent Andrews, John S. Outlaw, (con't) (See Card Catalog)
0021 (con't) William Achilles Hare, Henry Wilson Holloway, Eli W. Henderson

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