Washington WW I Draft Registration Cards 1917-1918

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Media: 16mm Film
Filed Under: World War I

Item Number Contents
WA-01 Adams & Astotin Counties, City of Bellingham (A-G)
WA-02 City of Bellingham (H-Z) & Benton County (A-S)
WA-03 Benton (T-Z), Chelan & Clallam (A-C) Counties
WA-04 Clallam (D-Z) & Clarke (A-I) Counties
WA-05 Clarke (J-Z), Columbia & Cowlitz (A-C) Counties
WA-06 Cowlitz (D-Z), Douglas & Everett (A-B) Counties
WA-07 Everett County (C-Z)
WA-08 Ferry, Franklin, Garfield & Grant (A-M) Counties
WA-09 Grant (N-Z) & Grays Harbor, no.1 (A-Z) Counties
WA-10 Grays Harbor County, no.2 (A-N)
WA-11 Grays Harbor,no.2 (O-Z),Island,Jefferson & King, no.1 A
WA-12 King County, no.1 (B-R)
WA-13 King County, no.1 (S-Z), no.2 (A-K)
WA-14 King, no.2 (L-Z) & Kitsap (A-E) Counties
WA-15 Kitsap (F-Z) & Kittitas (A-D) Counties
WA-16 Kittitas (E-Z) & Klickitat (A-V) Counties
WA-17 Klickitat (W-Z) & Lewis (A-O) Counties
WA-18 Lewis (P-Z) & Lincoln (A-M) Counties
WA-19 Lincoln (N-Z), Mason & Okanogan (A-O) Counties
WA-20 Okanogan (P-Z) & Pacific (A-Z) Counties
WA-21 Pend Oreille & Pierce, no.1 (A-Z), no.2 (A-Br) Counties
WA-22 Pierce County, no.2 (Br-Z)
WA-23 San Juan County & City of Seattle, no.1 (A-O)
WA-24 City of Seattle, no.1 (P-Z), no.2 (A-R)
WA-25 City of Seattle, no.2 (S-Z), no.3 (A-Se)
WA-26 City of Seattle, no.3 (Se-Z), no.4 (A-S)
WA-27 City of Seattle, no.4 (S-Z), no.5 (A-L)
WA-28 City of Seattle, no.5 (M-Z), no.6 (A)
WA-29 City of Seattle, no.6 (B-Ho)
WA-30 City of Seattle, no.6 (Ho-R)
WA-31 City of Seattle, no.6 (R-Z), no.7 (A-F)
WA-32 City of Seattle, no.7 (G-Z), no.8 (A-H)
WA-33 City of Seattle, no.8 (I-Z), no.9 (A-J)
WA-34 City of Seattle, no.9 (K-Z), no.10 (A-B)
WA-35 City of Seattle, no.10 (C-I)
WA-36 City of Seattle, no.10 (J-N)
WA-37 City of Seattle, no.10 (O-V)
WA-38 City of Seattle, no.10 (W-Z), no.11 (A-O)
WA-39 City of Seattle, no.11 (P-Z), no.12 (A-M)
WA-40 City of Seattle, no.12 (N-Z) & Skagit County (A-I)
WA-41 Scagit (J-Z), Skamania & Snohomish, no.1 (A-B) Counties
WA-42 Snohomish County, no.1 (C-S)
WA-43 Snohomish, no.1 (S-Z), no.2 A-Z) & Spokane, no.1 (A-F)
WA-44 City of Spokane, no. 1 (G-Z) & no. 2 (A-F)
WA-45 City of Spokane, no. 2 (G-Z) & no. 3 (A-E)
WA-46 City of Spokane, no. 3 (F-Z) & no. 4 (A-S)
WA-47 City of Spokane, no. 4 (S-Z) & no. 5 (A-V)
WA-48 City of Spokane, no. 5 (W-Z) & Spokane County (A-N)
WA-49 Spokane (O-Z) & Stevens (A-Me) Counties
WA-50 Stevens (Me-Z) & City of Tacoma, no. 1 (A-O) Counties
WA-51 City of Tacoma, no. 1 (P-Z) & no. 2 (A-M)
WA-52 City of Tacoma, no. 3 (A-J)
WA-53 City of Tacoma, no. 3 (K-Z) & no. 4 (A-E)
WA-54 City of Tacoma, no. 4 (F-Z) & Thurston County (A-G)
WA-55 Thurston (H-Z), Wahkiakum & Walla Walla (A-C) Counties
WA-56 Walla Walla (D-Z) & Whatcom (A-B) Counties
WA-57 Whatcom (C-Z) & Whitman (A-Cl) Counties
WA-58 Whitman (Cl-Sh) County
WA-59 Whitman (Sh-Z) & Yakima (A-G) Counties
WA-60 Yakima County (H-Se)
WA-61 Yakima County (Se-Z)

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