Texas WW I Draft Registration Cards 1917-1918

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Media: 16mm Film
Filed Under: World War I

Item Number Contents
TX-001 Anderson County (A-I)
TX-002 Anderson (J-Z), Andrews & Angelina (A-G) Counties
TX-003 Angelina (H-Z), Arkansas, Archer & Armstrong Counties
TX-004 Atascosa County & City of Austin (A-H)
TX-005 City of Austin (I-Z) & Austin (A-H) County
TX-006 Austin (I-Z) & Bandera Counties & City of Bastrop (A-G)
TX-007 City of Bastrop (H-Z) & Baylor County
TX-008 Bee (A-Z) & Bell, no.1 (A-Q) Counties
TX-009 Bell County, no. 1 (R-Z) & no. 2
TX-010 Bell, no. 2 (T-Z) & Bexar (A-R) Counties
TX-011 Bexar (S-Z), Blanco, Borden & Bosque (A-S) Counties
TX-012 Bosque (S-Z) & Bowie (A-L) Counties
TX-013 Bowie (M-Z) & Brazoria (A-J) Counties
TX-014 Brazoria (K-Z) & Brazos (A-R) Counties
TX-015 Brazos (S-Z), Brewster, Briscoe, Brooks & Brown (A-J)
TX-016 Brown (K-Z) & Burleson (A-R) Counties
TX-017 Burleson (S-Z), Burnett & Caldwell (A-L) Counties
TX-018 Caldwell (M-Z), Calhoun & Callahan Counties
TX-019 Cameron County (A-R)
TX-020 Cameron (S-Z), Camp, Carson & Cass (A-C) Counties
TX-021 Cass (D-Z), Castro & Chambers (A-J) Counties
TX-022 Chambers (K-Z) & Cherokee (A-Q) Counties
TX-023 Cherokee (R-Z), Childress & Clay (A-H) Counties
TX-024 Clay (I-Z), Coke & Coleman (A-Sl) Counties
TX-025 Coleman (Sl-Z) & Collin, no. 1 (A-N) Counties
TX-026 Collin County, no. 1 (O-Z) & no. 2 (A-D)
TX-027 Collin County, no. 2 (E-Z)
TX-028 Collingsworth & Colorado (A-V) Counties
TX-029 Colorado (W-Z), Comal & Comanche (A-Q) Counties
TX-030 Comanche (R-Z), Concho & Cooke (A-G) Counties
TX-031 Cooke (H-Z) & Coryell (A-G) Counties
TX-032 Coryell (H-Z), Cottle, Crockett & Crosby (A-R) Counties
TX-033 Crosby (S-Z),Culberson & Dallam Cos & Dallas,no.1(A-Hi)
TX-034 City of Dallas, no. 1 (Hi-S)
TX-035 City of Dallas, no. 1 (T-Z) & no. 2 (A-Ho)
TX-036 City of Dallas, no. 2 (Ho-Z)
TX-037 City of Dallas, no. 3 (A-Ho)
TX-038 City of Dallas, no. 3 (Ho-Sh)
TX-039 City of Dallas, no. 3 (Sh-Z) & no. 4 (A-I)
TX-040 City of Dallas, no. 4 (J-Z) & Dallas County (A-Ch)
TX-041 Dallas County (Ch-Me)
TX-042 Dallas (Me-Z) & Dawson (A-S) Counties
TX-043 Dawson (T-Z), Deaf Smith, Delta & Denton (A-B) Counties
TX-044 Denton County (C-S)
TX-045 Denton (T-Z) & Dewitt (A-Q) Counties
TX-046 Dewitt (R-Z), Dickens, Dimmit & Donley Counties
TX-047 Duvall & Eastland (A-Q) Counties
TX-048 Eastland (R-Z), Ector, Edwards & Ellis, no. 1 (A-K) Cos
TX-049 Ellis County, no. 1 (L-Z) & no. 2 (A-F)
TX-050 Ellis County, no. 2 (G-Z) & El Paso, no. 1 (A-BO)
TX-051 City of El Paso, no. 1 (Bo-Q)
TX-052 City of El Paso, no. 1 (R-Z) & no. 2 (A-Ga)
TX-053 City of El Paso, no. 2 (Ga-R)
TX-054 City of El Paso, no. 2 (S-Z) & El Paso County (A-L)
TX-055 El Paso (M-Z) & Erath (A-L) Counties
TX-056 Erath (M-Z) & Falls (A-H) Counties
TX-057 Falls (I-Z) & Fannin (A-B) Counties
TX-058 Fannin County (C-O)
TX-059 Fannin (P-Z) & Fayette (A-I) Counties
TX-060 Fayette (J-Z) & Fischer Counties
TX-061 Foard & Ft. Bend (A-J) Counties
TX-062 Fort Bend County (K-Z) & City of Ft. Worth, no. 1 (A-L)
TX-063 City of Fort Worth, no. 1 (M-Z) & no. 2 (A-L)
TX-064 City of Fort Worth, no. 2 (M-Z) & no. 3 (A-L)
TX-065 City of Fort Worth, no. 3 (M-Z) & no. 4 (A-L)
TX-066 Fort Worth, no. 4 (M-Z),& Franklin & Freestone (A-C)Cos
TX-067 Freestone (D-Z) & Frio Counties
TX-068 Gaines County & City of Galveston (A-J)
TX-069 City of Galveston (K-Wi)
TX-070 Galveston City (Wi-Z); Galveston, Garza & Gillespie Cos
TX-071 Glasscock, Goliad & Gonzales (A-L) Counties
TX-072 Gonzales (M-Z), Gray & Grayson, no. 1 (A-C) Counties
TX-073 Grayson County, no. 1 (D-V)
TX-074 Grayson County , no. 1 (W-Z) & no. 2 (A-M)
TX-075 Grayson, no. 2 (Mo-Z) & Gregg (A-Q) Counties
TX-076 Gregg (R-Z) & Grimes Counties
TX-077 Guadalupe & Hale (A-C) Counties
TX-078 Hale (D-Z), Hall & Hamilton (A-M) Counties
TX-079 Hamilton (N-Z), Hansford, Hardeman & Hardin (A-J) Cos
TX-080 Hardin (K-Z) & Harris (A-E) Counties
TX-081 Harris County (F-N)
TX-082 Harris (O-Z) & Harrison (A-Br) Counties
TX-083 Harrison County (Br-S)
TX-084 Harrison (T-Z), Hartley, Haskell & Hays (A-J) Counties
TX-085 Hays (K-Z), Hemphill & Henderson (A-J) Counties
TX-086 Henderson (K-Z) & Hidalgo (A-F) Counties
TX-087 Hidalgo County (G-Va)
TX-088 Hidalgo (Va-Z) & Hill, no. 1 (A-T) Counties
TX-089 Hill County, no. 1 (T-Z) & no. 2 (A-Z)
TX-090 Hood & Hopkins (A-L) Counties
TX-091 Hopkins County (M-Z) & City of Houston, no. 1 (A-J)
TX-092 City of Houston, no. 1 (K-Z) & no. 2 (A-K)
TX-093 City of Houston, no. 2 (L-Z) & no. 3 (A-C)
TX-094 City of Houston, no. 3 (D-M)
TX-095 City of Houston, no. 3 (N-Z) & no. 4 (A)
TX-096 City of Houston (B-So)
TX-097 City of Houston (So-Z) & Houston County (A-R)
TX-098 Houston (S-Z), Howard, Hudspeth & Hunt no. 1 (A-G) Cos
TX-099 Hunt County, no. 1 (H-Z) & no. 2 (A-E)
TX-100 Hunt no. 2 (F-Z), Hutchinson, Irion & Jack (A-V) Cos
TX-101 Jack (W-Z), Jackson & Jasper Counties
TX-102 Jefferson Davis & Jefferson, no. 1 (A-H) Counties
TX-103 Jefferson County, no. 1 (I-V)
TX-104 Jefferson County, no. 1 (W-Z) & no. 2 (A-L)
TX-105 Jefferson, no. 2 (M-Z), Jim Hogg & Jim Wells Counties
TX-106 Johnson County, (A-Q)
TX-107 Johnson (R-Z) & Jones (A-S) Counties
TX-108 Jones (T-Z), Karnes & Kaufman (A-B) Counties
TX-109 Kaufman County (C-R)
TX-110 Kaufman (S-Z), Kendall, Kent, Kerr & Kimble Counties
TX-111 King, Kinney, Kleberg & Knox Counties
TX-112 Lamar County, no. 1 (A-V)
TX-113 Lamar County, no. 1 (W-Z) & no. 2 (A-V)
TX-114 Lamar, no. 2 (W-Z),Lamb, Lampasas,LaSalle & Lavaca(A-J)
TX-115 Lavaca & Lee (A-R) Counties
TX-116 Lee (S-Z), Leon & Liberty (A-H) Counties
TX-117 Liberty (I-Z) & Limestone (A-K) Counties
TX-118 Limestone (L-Z), Lipscomb, Live Oak & Llano (A-G) Cos
TX-119 Llano (H-Z), Lubbock, Lynn, & McCulloch (A-R) Counties
TX-120 McCulloch (S-Z), McClennan, no. 1 & no. 2 (A) Counties
TX-121 McClennan, no. 2 (B-Z), McMullen & Madison (A-C) Cos
TX-122 Madison (D-Z), Marion, Martin & Mason Counties
TX-123 Matagorda, Maverick & Median (A-B) Counties
TX-124 Median (C-Z), Menard, Midland & Milam (A-E) Counties
TX-125 Milam County (F-V)
TX-126 Milam (W-Z), Mills, Mitchell & Montague (A-Hu) Counties
TX-127 Montague (Hu-Z) & Montgomery (A-S) Counties
TX-128 Montgomery(T-Z),Moore, Morris,Motley &Nacogdoches (A-H)
TX-129 Nacogdoches (I-Z) & Navarro, no. 1 (A-G) Counties
TX-130 Navarro County, no. 1 (H-Z) & no. 2 (A-F)
TX-131 Navarro no. 2 (G-Z) & Newton (A-R) Counties
TX-132 Newton (S-Z) & Nolan Counties
TX-133 Nueces, Ochiltree & Oldham Counties
TX-134 Orange & Palo Pinto (A-E) Counties
TX-135 Palo Pinto (F-Z) & Panola (A-M) Counties
TX-136 Panola (N-Z) & Parker (A-Q) Counties
TX-137 Parker (R-Z), Parmer, Pecos & Polk (A-K) Counties
TX-138 Polk (L-Z) & Potter Counties
TX-139 Presidio,Raines, Randall, Reagan,Real & Red River(A-Bo)
TX-140 Red River County (Bo-T)
TX-141 Red River(U-Z),Reeves, Refugio,Roberts &Robertson (A-H)
TX-142 Robertson (I-Z) & Rockwell Counties
TX-143 Runnels & Rusk (A-H) Counties
TX-144 Rusk (I-Z) & Sabine (A-V) Counties
TX-145 Sabine County (A-V) & City of San Antonio, no. 1 (A-M)
TX-146 City of San Antonio, no. 1 (N-Z) & no. 2 (A-E)
TX-147 City of San Antonio, no. 2 (F-S)
TX-148 City of San Antonio, no. 2 (T-Z) & no. 3 (A-O)
TX-149 City of San Antonio, no. 3 (P-Z) & no. 4 (A-K)
TX-150 San Antonio, no. 4 (L-Z) & San Augustine County (A-Q)
TX-151 San Augustine(R-Z),San Jacinto,SanPatricio&SanSabra(A-B
TX-152 San Saba (C-Z),Scleicher,Scurry,Shakleford &Shelby(A-B)
TX-153 Shelby (C-Z), Sherman & Smith (A) Counties
TX-154 Smith (B-M) Counties
TX-155 Smith (N-Z), Somervell & Starr Counties
TX-156 Stephens,Sterling,Stonewall,Sutton,Swisher&Tarrant(A-Ch
TX-157 Tarrant County (Ch-R)
TX-158 Tarrant (S-Z) & Taylor (A-M) Counties
TX-159 Taylor (N-Z), Terrell, Terry,Throckmorton & Titus (A-L)
TX-160 Titus (M-Z) & Tom Green (A-V) Counties
TX-161 Tom Green (W-Z) & Travis Counties
TX-162 Trinity, Tyler & Upshur (A-B) Counties
TX-163 Upshur (C-Z), Upton & Uvalde Counties
TX-164 Val Verde & Van Zandt (A-J) Counties
TX-165 Van Zandt (K-Z) & Victoria (A-L) Counties
TX-166 Victoria County (M-Z) & City of Waco (A-Ho)
TX-167 City of Waco (Ho-Z) & Walker County (A-Be)
TX-168 Walker (Be-Z) & Waller Counties
TX-169 Ward & Washington (A-V) Counties
TX-170 Washington (W-Z) & Webb (A-Q) Counties
TX-171 Webb (R-Z) & Wharton (A-O) Counties
TX-172 Wharton (P-Z), Wheeler & Wichita (A-C) Counties
TX-173 Wichita County (D-Sh)
TX-174 Wichita(Sh-Z),Wilbarger,Willacy& Williamson,no.1(A-Be)
TX-175 Williamson County, no. 1 (Be-Sp)
TX-176 Williamson, no. 1 (Sp-Z), no. 2 & Wilson (A-P) Counties
TX-177 Wilson (Q-Z), Winkler & Wise (A-S) Counties
TX-178 Wise (T-Z) & Wood (A-St) Counties
TX-179 Wood (St-Z), Yoakum, Young, Zapata & Zavala Counties

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