Alabama WW I Draft Registration Cards 1917-1918

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Media: 16mm Film
Filed Under: World War I

Item Number Contents
AL-01 Autauga & Baldwin (A-H) Counties
AL-02 Baldwin (H-Z) & Barbour (A-L) Counties
AL-03 Barbour (L-Z) & Bibb (A-L) Counties
AL-04 Bibb County (L-Z) & City of Birmingham no.1 (A-H)
AL-05 City of Birmingham no.1 (H-Z), no.2 (A-B)
AL-06 City of Birmingham no.2 (B-L)
AL-07 City of Birmingham no.2 (L-Z), no.3 (A-B)
AL-08 City of Birmingham no.3 (B-L)
AL-09 City of Birmingham no.3 (L-Z)
AL-10 City of Birmingham no.4 (A-T)
AL-11 City of Birmingham no.4 (T-Z), no.5 (A-K)
AL-12 City of Birmingham no.5 (K-Z), no.6 (A-C)
AL-13 City of Birmingham no.6 (C-Z) 7 Blount County (A-B)
AL-14 Blount (B-Z) & Bullock (A-B) Counties
AL-15 Bullock (C-Z) & Butler (A-J) Counties
AL-16 Butler (J-Z) & Calhoun (A-E) Counties
AL-17 Calhoun County (E-S)
AL-18 Calhoun (S-Z) & Chambers (A-H) Counties
AL-19 Chambers (H-Z) & Cherokee (A-D) Counties
AL-20 Cherokee (D-Z) & Chilton (A-M) Counties
AL-21 Chilton (M-Z) & Choctaw (A-W) Counties
AL-22 Choctaw (W-Z) & Clarke (A-Z) Counties
AL-23 Clay County (A-Z)
AL-24 Cleburne (A-Z) & Coffee (A-L) Counties
AL-25 Coffee (L-Z) & Colbert (A-H) Counties
AL-26 Colbert (H-Z) & Conecuh (A-D) Counties
AL-27 Conecuh (D-Z) & Coosa (A-S)
AL-28 Coosa (S-Z) & Covington (A-N) Counties
AL-29 Covington (N-Z) & Crenshaw (A-R) Counties
AL-30 Crenshaw (R-Z) & Cullman (A-O) Counties
AL-31 Cullman (O-Z) & Dale (A-T) Counties
AL-32 Dale (T-Z) & Dallas (A-M) Counties
AL-33 Dallas (M-Z) & DeKalb (A-F) Counties
AL-34 DeKalb (F-Z) & Elmore (A-E) Counties
AL-35 Elmore (E-Z) & Escambia (A-B) Counties
AL-36 Escambria County (B-W)
AL-37 Escambria (W-Z) & Etowah (A-L) Counties
AL-38 Etowah County (L-Z)
AL-39 Fayette (A-Z) & Franklin (A-J) Counties
AL-40 Franklin (J-Z) & Geneva (A-N) Counties
AL-41 Geneva (N-Z), Greene & Hale (A-H) Counties
AL-42 Hale (H-Z) & Henry (A-S) Counties
AL-43 Henry (S-Z) & Houston (A-R) Counties
AL-44 Houston (R-Z) & Jackson (A-M) Counties
AL-45 Jackson (M-Z) & Jefferson County, no.1 (A-D)
AL-46 Jefferson County, no.1 (D-M)
AL-47 Jefferson County, no.1 (M-Wh)
AL-48 Jefferson County, no.1 (Wi-Z), no.2 (A-R)
AL-49 Jefferson County, no.2 (R-Z), no.3 (A-G)
AL-50 Jefferson County, no.3 (G-W)
AL-51 Jefferson, no.3 (W-Z), Lamar, Lauderdale (A-C) Counties
AL-52 Lauderdale County (C-V)
AL-53 Lauderdale (V-Z) & Lawrence (A-Z) Counties
AL-54 Lee County (A-Z)
AL-55 Limestone County (A-Z)
AL-56 Lowndes (A-Z) & Macon (A-Mc) Counties
AL-57 Macon (Mc-Z) & Madison (A-H) Counties
AL-58 Madison County (H-V)
AL-59 Madison (V-Z) & Marengo (A-T) Counties
AL-60 Marengo (T-Z), Marion & Marshall (A-C) Counties
AL-61 Marshall County (C-Z)
AL-62 City of Mobile, no.1 (A-M)
AL-63 City of Mobile, no.1 (M-Z), no.2 (A-J)
AL-64 City of Mobile, no.2 (J-Z) & Mobile County (A-E)
AL-65 Mobile County (E-S)
AL-66 Mobile (S-Z) & Monroe (A-P) Counties
AL-67 Monroe County (P-Z), City of Montgomery (A-H)
AL-68 City of Montgomery (H-W)
AL-69 City of Montgomery (W-Z), Montgomery County (A-Z)
AL-70 Morgan County (A-R)
AL-71 Morgan (R-Z) & Perry (A-T) Counties
AL-72 Perry (T-Z) & Pickens (A-W) Counties
AL-73 Pickens (W-Z) & Pike (A-W) Counties
AL-74 Pike (W-Z) & Randolph (A-Z) Counties
AL-75 Russell (A-Z) & St. Clair (A-G) Counties
AL-76 St. Clair (G-Z) & Shelby (A-H) Counties
AL-77 Shelby (H-Z) & Sumter (A-L) Counties
AL-78 Sumter (L-Z) & Talledega (A-K) Counties
AL-79 Talledega (K-Z) & Tallapoosa (A-I) Counties
AL-80 Tallapoosa (I-Z) & Tuscaloosa (A-E) Counties
AL-81 Tuscaloosa County (E-N)
AL-82 Tuscaloosa (N-Z) & Walker (A-C) Counties
AL-83 Walker County (C-M)
AL-84 Walker (M-Z) & Washington (A-H) Counties
AL-85 Washington (H-Z) & Wilcox (A-R) Counties
AL-86 Wilcox (R-Z) & Winston (A-Z) Counties

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