Indiana WW I Draft Registration Cards 1917-1918

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Media: 16mm Film
Filed Under: World War I

Item Number Contents
IN-001 Adams - Allen (A-F) Counties
IN-002 Allen (G-Z) - Bartholomew (A-D) Counties
IN-003 Bartholomew (E-Z) - Benton (A-T) Counties
IN-004 Benton (U-Z), Blackford, Boone (A-O) Counties
IN-005 Boone (P-Z), Brown, Carroll (A-S) Counties
IN-006 Carroll (T-Z) - Cass (A-M) Counties
IN-007 Cass (M-Z) - Clark (A-H) Counties
IN-008 Clark (H-Z) - Clay (A-I) Counties
IN-009 Clay (J-Z) - Clinton (A-J) Counties
IN-010 Clinton (K-Z) - Crawford Counties
IN-011 Daviess County
IN-012 Dearborn - Decatur (A-L) Counties
IN-013 Decatur (M-Z) - Dekalb (A-S) Counties
IN-014 Dekalb (S-Z) - Delaware, no.1 (A-M) Counties
IN-015 Delaware, no.1 (M-Z), no.2 (A-R) County
IN-016 Delaware, no.2 (S-Z), Dubois, East Chicago (A-D)
IN-017 City of East Chicago (A-F)
IN-018 City of East Chicago (G-M)
IN-019 City of East Chicago (M-U)
IN-020 City of East Chicago (V-Z) - Elkhart, no.1 (A-S)
IN-021 Elkhart, no.1 (T-Z), no.2 (A-O) County
IN-022 Elkhart, no.2 (P-Z) - Evansville, no.1 (A-L)
IN-023 City of Evansville, no.1 (M-Z), no.2 (A-L)
IN-024 City of Evansville, no.2 (M-Z), no.3 (A-P)
IN-025 City of Evansville, no.3 (Q-Z) - Fayette County
IN-026 Floyd County
IN-027 City of Fort Wayne, no.1 (A-Z)
IN-028 City of Fort Wayne, no.2 (A-Z)
IN-029 City of Fort Wayne, no.3 (A-R)
IN-030 City of Fort Wayne, no.3 (S-Z) - Fountain County
IN-031 Franklin - Fulton Counties
IN-032 City of Gary, no.1 (A-O)
IN-033 City of Gary, no.1 (P-Z), no.2 (A-K)
IN-034 City of Gary, no.2 (K-Z), no.3 (A-C)
IN-035 City of Gary, no.3 (C-S)
IN-036 City of Gary, no.3 (T-Z) - Gibson County (A-S)
IN-037 Gibson (S-Z) - Grant, no.1 (A-L) Counties
IN-038 Grant, no.1 (M-Z), no.2 (A-Q) County
IN-039 Grant, no.2 (R-Z) - Greene (A-L) Counties
IN-040 Greene (M-Z) - Hamilton (A-K) Counties
IN-041 Hamilton (L-Z) - Hancock Counties
IN-042 Harrison - Hendricks (A-N) Counties
IN-043 Hendricks (O-Z) - Henry (A-M) Counties
IN-044 Henry (N-Z) - Howard (A-H) Counties
IN-045 Howard (H-Z) County
IN-046 Huntington (A-W) County
IN-047 Huntington (W-Z) - Indianapolis, no.1 (A-S)
IN-048 City of Indianapolis, no.1 (T-Z), no.2 (A-M)
IN-049 City of Indianapolis, no.2 (N-Z), no.3 (A-F)
IN-050 City of Indianapolis, no.3 (G-U)
IN-051 City of Indianapolis, no.3 (V-Z), no.4 (A-M)
IN-052 City of Indianapolis, no.4 (M-Z), no.5 (A-G)
IN-053 City of Indianapolis, no.5 (H-Z)
IN-054 City of Indianapolis, no.6 (A-Q)
IN-055 City of Indianapolis, no.6 (R-Z), no.7 (A-L)
IN-056 City of Indianapolis, no.7 (M-Z), no.8 (A-D)
IN-057 City of Indianapolis, no.8 (E-Z)
IN-058 City of Indianapolis, no.9 (A-Z)
IN-059 City of Indianapolis, no.10 (A-M)
IN-060 Indianapolis, no.10 (N-Z) - Jackson County (A-L)
IN-061 Jackson (M-Z), Jasper, Jay (A-D) Counties
IN-062 Jay (E-Z) - Jefferson (A-O) Counties
IN-063 Jefferson (P-Z), Jennings, Johnson (A-L) Counties
IN-064 Johnson (M-Z) - Knox (A-H) Counties
IN-065 Knox (H-Z) County
IN-066 Kosciusko County
IN-067 Lagrange - Lake, no.1 (A-O) Counties
IN-068 Lake, no.1 (P-Z), no.2 (A-J) County
IN-069 Lake, no.2 (K-S) County
IN-070 Lake, no.2 (T-Z), no.3 (A-R) County
IN-071 Lake, no.3 (S-Z) - La Porte, no.1 (A-S) Counties
IN-072 La Porte, no.1 (T-Z), no.2 (A-S) County
IN-073 La Porte, no.2 (T-Z) - Lawrence (A-S) Counties
IN-074 Lawrence ((T-Z) - Madison, no.1 (A-L) Counties
IN-075 Madison, no.1 (M-Z), no.2 (A-C) County
IN-076 Madison, no.2 (D-Z) - Marion (A-C) Counties
IN-077 Marion (D-Z) County
IN-078 Marshall - Martin (A-G) Counties
IN-079 Martin (H-Z) - Miami (A-M) Counties
IN-080 Miami (N-Z) - Monroe (A-M) Counties
IN-081 Monroe (N-Z) - Montgomery (A-O) Counties
IN-082 Montgomery (P-Z) - Morgan Counties
IN-083 Newton - Noble (A-R) Counties
IN-084 Noble (S-Z), Ohio, Orange Counties
IN-085 Owen - Parke (A-U) Counties
IN-086 Parke (V-Z), Perry, Pike (A-L) Counties
IN-087 Pike (M-Z) - Porter (A-G) Counties
IN-088 Porter (H-Z) - Posey (A-R) Counties
IN-089 Posey (S-Z), Pulaski, Putnam (A-M) Counties
IN-090 Putnam (N-Z) - Randolph (A-R) Counties
IN-091 Randolph (S-Z), Ripley, Rush (A-G) Counties
IN-092 Rush (H-Z), Scott, Shelby (A-C) Counties
IN-093 Shelby (D-Z) - South Bend, no.1 (A-C)
IN-094 City of South Bend, no.1 (D-U)
IN-095 City of South Bend, no.2 (A-N)
IN-096 South Bend, no.2 (O-Z) - Spencer County (A-R)
IN-097 Spencer (S-Z), Starke, Stueben Counties
IN-098 St. Joseph (A-S) County
IN-099 St. Joseph (S-Z) - Sullivan (A-Q) Counties
IN-100 Sullivan (R-Z),Switzerland,Terre Haute,no.1 (A-F)
IN-101 City of Terre Haute, no.1 (G-Z), no.2 (A-B)
IN-102 City of Terre Haute, no.2 (C-Q)
IN-103 Terre Haute, no.2 (R-Z) - Tippecanoe County (A-G)
IN-104 Tippecanoe (H-Z) County
IN-105 Tipton, Union, Vanderburgh (A-J) Counties
IN-106 Vanderburgh (K-Z) - Vermillion (A-M) Counties
IN-107 Vermillion (M-Z) - Vigo (A-G) Counties
IN-108 Vigo (H-Z) - Wabash (A-C) Counties
IN-109 Wabash (D-Z) - Warren (A-Q) Counties
IN-110 Warren (R-Z), Warrick, Washington (A-G) Counties
IN-111 Washington (H-Z) - Wayne, no.1 (A-L)
IN-112 City of Wayne, no.1 (M-Z), no.2 (A-U)
IN-113 Wayne, no.2 (V-Z), Wells, White (A-G) Counties
IN-114 White (H-Z) - Whitley Counties

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