Compiled Service Records, Troops raised by Confederate Government

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Media: 16mm Film
Filed Under: Civil War

Item Number Contents
0001 1st Confederate Cavalry: A- C
0002 Ist Confederate Cavalry: D-H
0003 Ist Confederate Cavalry: I - N
0004 1st Confederate Cavalry: O - T
0005 1st Confederate Cavalry: U - Y
0006 1st Battalion, Trans- Mississippi Confederate Cavalry (AR & LA)
0007 3d Confederate Cavalry: A-C
0008 3d Confederate Cavalry: D- H
0009 3d Confederate Cavalry: I - N
0010 3d Confederate Cavalry: O- S
0011 3d Confederate Cavalry: T - Y; 6th Battalion Confederate Cavalry
0012 7th Confederate Cavalry (Clairborne's Regiment, Partisan Rangers; 7th Regiment Confederate Partisan Rangers): A- B
0013 7th Confederate Cavalry: C- F
0014 7th Confederate Cavalry: G- K
0015 7th Confederate Cavalry: L - Pa
0016 7th Confederate Cavalry: Pe - S
0017 7th Confederate Cavalry: T-Z; 7th Battalion, Confederate Cavalry (Prentice's Battalion)
0018 8th Confederate Cavalry (Dearing's Cavalry)
0019 8th Confederate Cavalry (Wade's Cavalry, 2nd Rgt., MS & AL): A- D
0020 8th (Wade's) Confederate Cavalry: E - K
0021 8th (Wade's) Confederate Cavalry: L - R
0022 8th (Wade's) Confederate Cavalry: S - Z
0023 10th Confederate Cavalry: A - E
0024 10th Confederate Cavalry: F - K
0025 10th Confederate Cavalry: L - P
0026 10th Confederate Cavalry: R - Z
0027 14th Confederate Cavalry: A - K
0028 14th Confederate Cavalry: L - Z
0029 15th Confederate Cavalry (1st Regiment, AL & FL): A - C
0030 15th Confederate Cavalry: D - Ha
0031 15th Confederate Cavalry: He - Mi
0032 15th Confederate Cavalry: Mo - R
0033 15th Confederate Cavalry: S - Z
0034 20th Confederate Cavalry (Lay's Regiment, Confederate cavalry): A - M
0035 20th Confederate Cavalry: N - Y; Baxter's Battalion, Confederate cavalry: A - Z
0036 Bell's Battalion C.S.A.; Blake's Scouts, C.S.A.; Burroughs Battalion, Partisan Rangers (Princess Anne Partisan Rangers); Clarkson's Battalion, Confederate Cavalry, Independent Rangers: A - K
0037 Clarkson's Battalion: L - Y; Fort's Scouts, C.S.A.; Lyon's Escort, Forrest's Cavalry, C.S.A.; Martin's Escort, C.S.A.
0038 Mead's Confederate Cavalry (Mead's Regiment of Partisan Rangers)
0039 Murchison's Battalion, Cavalry; Powers' Regiment, Confederate cavalry; Capt. Raum's Co., Confederate cavalry (Warren Dragoons); Wheeler's Scouts, C.S.A. (Hawkins' Scouts, C.S.A.; Carter's Scouts; 1st TN Mounted Scouts)
0040 Wood's Regiment, Confederate Cavalry: A - Ca
0041 Wood's Regiment, Confederate Cavalry: Ce - E
0042 Wood's Regiment, Confederate Cavalry: F - He
0043 Wood's Regiment, Confederate Cavalry: Hi - L
0044 Wood's Regiment, Confederate Cavalry: M - O
0045 Wood's Regiment, Confederate Cavalry: P - Sl
0046 Wood's Regiment, Confederate Cavalry: Sm - Z
0047.01 1st Regular Battery, Confederate light artillery (Semmes & Barnes Battery); Braxton's Battalion, Confederate artillery (Battalion C, 2d corps, Army of Northern VA); Courtney's Battalion, Confederate Artillery; Cunnigham's Battalion, Conf. Art. (cont'd)
0047.02 (cont'd from previous) Cutshaw's Battalion, Confederate Artillery; Capt. Davis' Co., Confederate Light Artillery; De Gournay's Battalion, Heavy Artillery (12th Battalion, LA heavy artillery)
0048.01 Capt. Dent's Battery, Light Artillery, C.S.A.; Haskell's Battalion, Confederate artillery; Huger's Battalion, Confederate artillery; Lewis' Battalion, Conf. Art.; Capt. Lillard's Co., Independent Scouts & Rangers (Nelson rangers & scouts) cont'd on next
0048.02 cont'd from previous: Capt. Madison's Co., Mounted spies and guides (Phillips Mtd. spies and guides)
0049.01 Capt. Marshall's Co., Confederate Artillery (Brown's Horse Artillery); Martin's Battalion, Confederate Reserve Artillery; McIntosh's Battalion, Confederate Artillery (Battalion C, Reserve Corps Artillery, Army of Northern VA) cont'd on next
0049.02 (cont'd from previous) McLaughlin's Battalion, Confederate Artillery; Montague's Battalion, Conf. Heavy Artillery (4th Battalion); Nelson's Battalion, Conf. Artillery (31st Battalion, VA light artillery; 3d Battalion Reserve, light artillery) cont'd next
0049.03 (cont'd from previous) Lt. W.B. Ochiltree's Detachment of Recruits (Regulars); Maj. R.C.M. Page's Battalion, Confederate Artillery (Carter's Battalion Artillery; Braxton's Battalion Artillery) (cont'd on next)
0049.04 (cont'd fr. prev.) Palmer's Battalion, Confederate Artillery (Robertson's Battalion); Poague's Battalion, Artillery; Richardson's Battalion, Conf. light artillery (Battalion A, 1st corps artillery, Army of Northern VA)
0050 Maj. F.W. Smith's Battalion, Confederate Heavy Artillery; Stark's Battalion, Confederate light artillery (Battalion B, 1st Corps Artillery, Army of Northern VA)
0051 Stuart's Horse Artillery; Capt. White's Battery, Horse Artillery
0052 1st Confederate Infantry (1st Confed. Regiment, GA volunteers): A - B
0053 1st Confederate Infantry: C - E
0054 1st Confederate Infantry: F - Ha
0055 1st Confederate Infantry: He - K
0056 1st Confederate Infantry: L - M
0057 1st Confederate Infantry: N - Ri
0058 1st Confederate Infantry: Ro - S
0059 1st Confederate Infantry: T - Y
0060 1st Battalion, Confederate Infantry (Forney's Regiment, Confederate Infantry): A - K
0061 1st Battalion, Confederate Infantry: L - W
0062 2d Confederate Infantry; 3d Confederate Infantry: A - D
0063 3d Confederate Infantry: E - W
0064 4th Confederate Infantry (1st Regiment, AL, TN & MS): A - F
0065 4th Confederate Infantry: G - N
0066 4th Confederate Infantry: O - Y
0067 8th Battalion, Confederate Infantry (2nd foreign battalion, infantry; 2d foreign legion infantry)
0068 9th Confederate Infantry (5th Conf. Infantry; 5th Conf. Regiment, TN Infantry): A - F
0069 9th Confederate Infantry: G - Mi
0070 9th Confederate Infantry: Mo - Y
0071 Bailey's Consolidated Regiment of Infantry; Bradford's Corps, Scouts and Guards (Bradford's Battalion)
0072 Brooks' Battalion, Confederate Regular Infantry; Brush Battalion, C.S.A.: A - O
0073 Brooks' Battalion: P - W; Lt. Cunningham's Ordnance Detachment (Capt. Cuyler's Ordnance Detachment); Capt. Davis' Co. of Guides, C.S.A.; Exchanged Battalion, C.S.A. (Trans- Mississippi Battalion; Western Batt.): A - N
0074 Exchanged Battalion, C.S.A.: O - Z; Forrest's Scouts, C.S.A.
0075 Gillum's Regiment (Henry Gillum; Gillum's Mounted Infantry; Mounted Riflemen); Lt. Haskell's Co., Infantry; Jackson's Co., C.S.A.; Capt. McDaniel's Co., secret service; Stirman's Regiment, sharp shooters; Tucker's Regiment, Conf. Infantry: A - D
0076 Tucker's Regiment, Confederate Infantry: E - Z; Lt. Young's (5th) Co., retributors
0077 1st Cherokee Mounted Rifles (1st AR Cherokee mounted rifles): A - L
0078 1st Cherokee Mounted Rifles: M - Y
0079 1st Cherokee Mounted Volunteers (Watie's Regiment; 2d regiment, Cherokee mounted rifles, AR; 1st regiment, Cherokee mounted rifles or riflemen): A - K
0080 1st Cherokee Mounted Volunteers: L - Y; 1st Squadron, Cherokee Mounted Volunteers (Holt's squadron, Cherokee mounted volunteers)
0081 1st Chickasaw Infantry (Hunter's regiment, Indian volunteers)
0082 1st Choctaw mounted rifles
0083 1st Choctaw and Chickasaw mounted rifles: A- G
0084 1st Choctaw and Chickasaw mounted rifles: H - N
0085 1st Choctaw and Chickasaw mounted rifles: O - Y
0086 1st Creek mounted volunteers (1st regiment Creek mounted rifles or riflemen; Creek regiment, mounted Indian volunteers; 2nd regiment, AR Creeks): A - H
0087 1st Creek mounted volunteers: I - S
0088 1st Creek mounted volunteers: T - Z; 1st Osage Battalion, C.S.A.; 1st Seminole mounted volunteers: A - C
0089 1st Seminole Mounted Volunteers: D - Y
0090 2d Cherokee Mounted Volunteers (2d regiment Cherokee mounted rifles or riflemen)
0091.01 2d Creek Mounted Volunteers; Cherokee regiment (Special service); Deneale's Regiment (Choctaw Warriors; Deneale's Confederate volunteers); Shecoe's Chickasaw Battalion, mounted volunteers; Washington's squadron of Indians, C.S.A. (reserve squad. cavalry)
0091.02 (cont'd from previous) Capt. Wilkins' Co., Chocktaw Infantry; Miscellaenous Indian records
0092 1st Confederate Engineer Troops: A - C
0093 1st Confederate Engineer Troops: D - F
0094 1st Confederate Engineer Troops: G - L
0095 1st Confederate Engineer Troops: M - R
0096 1st Confederate Engineer Troops: S - Z
0097 2d Confederate Engineer Troops: A - J
0098 2d Confederate Engineer Troops: K - Z
0099 3d Confederate Engineer Troops: A - F
0100 3d Confederate Engineer Troops: G - O
0101 3d Confederate Engineer Troops: P - Z
0102 4th Confederate Engineer Troops: A - R
0103 4th Confederate Engineer Troops: S - Z; Engineers, C.S.A.: A - B
0104 Engineers, C.S.A.: C - Di
0105 Engineers, C.S.A.: Do - F
0106 Engineers, C.S.A.: G - Hi
0107 Engineers, C.S.A.: Ho - L
0108 Engineers, C.S.A.: M - Ri
0109 Engineers, C.S.A.: Ro - S
0110 Engineers, C.S.A.: T - Y
0111 Nitre and Mining Bureau, War Dept., C.S.A.: A - H
0112 Nitre and Mining Bureau: I - N
0113 Nitre and Mining Bureau: P - W
0114 Sappers and Miners: A - K
0115 Sappers and Miners: L - Y
0116 Signal Corps, C.S.A.: A - B
0117 Signal Corps, C.S.A.: C - F
0118 Signal Corps, C.S.A.: G - L
0119 Signal Corps, C.S.A.: M - N
0120 Signal Corps, C.S.A.: O - S
0121 Signal Corps, C.S.A.: T - Z
0122 Bands, C.S.A.; Lt. Click's Co., Ordnance Scouts and guards, C.S.A.; Infantry School of Practice
0123 Invalid Corps; Officers surnamed Morgan, C.S.A.; President's Guard, C.S.A.; Miscellaneous records

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